21 thoughts on “Shady Quip

  1. John Hric

    As a quip I am tempted to let this slide. For it contains some truths. And to counter balance that statement I cannot let it slide. Going beyond the quip it contains much darkness. Darker even than the truths it innocently derides. None of use wants to build that fence or sit in judgement. Tha t being said there is a new angriest bird in town who is in desperate need of a time out as they are not playing nice with others on oh so many levels, So much so that they have upset the apple cart and are breaking the handles and wheels. One last note on the quip. Please we need to choose our words carefully so they actually say what we mean to say. Because as the song notes children will listen. And as you have so aptly noted there are a lot of children who have picked up the wrong message. And our social pool not the gene pool is indeed suffering from it. Please excuse me while I go make a cup of levity. Need one after that.

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      1. John Hric

        You did not offend me. I know it was a quip. Myself included word choices matter. Though you did make me choose carefully before my first cup of coffee. You are certainly not the first to use the gene pool metaphor. It is just not one any of us should use when there are ‘children’ listening. One that I will bite my tongue should ever I start to use it… behaviors yes. Genes no. The dark lord lives in those lands. Beb well young lady 8)

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