Once More into the Breach Dear Friends…

Once again we are at the beginning. We have 364 days ahead of us. What to do? What to do? I’ve always liked new. A new year, a new car, a new idea. There is something titillating and anticipatory about it. A new romance can cause flutters in your stomach and pulsating behind your heart. A new job can be stimulating and terrifying in equal measures and that is exciting. New is thrilling. It can also be distressing. We don’t know what the future holds but we do have a hand in forming it. If we are so inclined.

I wanted my first post of the new year to be uplifting and inspiring and yet those two words only happen if we can get past the apathy. Yes, apathy. I think it is one of the greatest dangers that faces the world today. We have become apathetic. It’s not happening to us, so why should we be concerned? If it’s happening to someone else, it’s happening to us. Why don’t people see that?

At the beginning of every new year I make the same declaration. This will be a good year. And I say it confident that it will be. Sometimes it just takes a little extra looking to find the good but it is there. We still have a little blue planet to inhabit because of good people and generations past that have stood the test of time. People today are working to correct the so very many problems that exist. They don’t make the best news stories because, well, people like to look at train wrecks. And we could become that but I am a believer in the strength of community and togetherness. I believe we will survive. It might not always be pretty but then few things start out pretty. However, they can become beautiful, if we allow it.

The last few years have been difficult on so many levels. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Over 6 million people have died. We might have 8 billion people in the world but 6 million is a lot. And it’s still with us. The pandemic, Covid is still active. It is still killing people. Not in the same numbers that it was but it is not gone. And yet people are acting like it is. Yes, we have vaccines now but there are still those people who are vulnerable through no fault of their own. I am one of them. So, I am still embracing my hermit mode. I don’t feel that I’m suffering. But in my way, I am. I am a social person by nature. I love people. I miss hugs. But I know that one day we will all look back and be proud that we survived. Relatively intact.

I will stand behind my declaration: 2023 will be a good year! So dear friends, once more into the breach…


40 thoughts on “Once More into the Breach Dear Friends…

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Another year, another chance, for us to get it right. I too have great hope for good things happening in 2023, all over the world and for all people. There is an enormous amount of work to be done, but if we would just join forces, even in small groups, we could accomplish a lot.

    You see on the news that a person is trapped under a car. One person tries to pick the car up. Not happening. Then three or four others rush in to help. They pick that car up like it was a piece of paper!

    Happy New Year everyone! Into the breach we go with Pam. We can fix what needs to be fixed if we would just work together. It isn’t somebody else’s responsibility, it’s OURS.

    Love your painting!


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  2. sunhesper

    Happy New Year, Pam! In Tarot, this is a Chariot year, which basically means we know what needs fixing and are finally attending to it. I am optimistic too that we’re ready to throw off that apathy and commit ourselves to the best parts of being human!

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  3. joylennick

    Heart-felt thoughts of you, Pamela. Do hope 2023 will be kinder and more concerned of your condition. I know…you always look for positives, so may they long be there for you. Hugs and love. Joy xx

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  4. rangewriter

    I appreciate your positivity, Pam. I tend to be a pessimist. I think I fear being let down if I expect good to prevail…so I continually gird for the worst. Silly. It helps to clear the air with positivity. Thank you. Happy new year to you.

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