Poo Soup   

I am sure I misheard,

The words that you said.

You asked if I’d rather,

Consider you dead?


I know that’s not right,

But it’s now in my head.

Such silly old me,

You asked about bread!


There’s soup on the menu,

I like that, I do.

What’s on today?

You say that it’s poo?


Creamed, you continue,

It’s special you see.

I know this is wrong,

But, with a chaser of pee?


This restaurant is new,

With a speciality palate.

I’m trying to grasp,

So, the onion’s a shallot?


I long for the day,

When food was a breeze.

A coffee was simple,

And sweets were a tease.


Now latte’s are half-fat,

And waste’s on the menu.

I don’t understand,

That food’s now a venue!


I’ll just drink my tea,

And snack on a chip.

Maybe I’m asleep,

And this is a trip!








25 thoughts on “Poo Soup   

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Hysterical! Can’t say you’ve convinced me to go out and have poo soup and a chaser of pee, but maybe I should have my hearing checked before I go to a restaurant!

    FYI, in the first line WP changed “out” to “UTI”!

    Thanks for the morning laugh. 🤪

    Liked by 3 people

  2. rangewriter

    Cute. I began noticing a few years ago that mixed cocktails were totally unrecognizable to me. The same with certain menu items that include infused this or that or topped with egg white foam. (What? Like raw meringue?)

    Liked by 1 person


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