37 thoughts on “Daily Quip

      1. Murphy’s Law

        C’mon Mark, I think your eyelids are fluttering Heavenward because you have Koala hair stuck in your eyes! 🤪

        But you are lovable and I’m sure you make an impressive appearance when you spiffy yourself up. And I can’t believe you can actually cook water! Yowzer!

        Pam and I may argue over you. Nope! Pam wins. I forgot about my husband. My bad! 🥴

        You’re a good sport Mark.

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      2. Murphy’s Law

        Oooo, what was I thinking? Mark has chocolate. More chocolate than Hershey’s! Hmmmmm, I have to seriously think about leaving my husband. Chocolate. It’s a magnate! 😂 I don’t have a girlish figure anymore, so no worries there!

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      3. Mark Lanesbury

        Haha, now c’mon ladies, I always share my warehouse of chocolate. And Koala hair Ginger? Probably cocoa dust from the chocolate. Um, and you don’t cook water? Ok, have to go back to grilling it then 🤣
        And you can bring your husband to the chocolate boiling and water grilling barbecues that I have 😂
        And Pam, how did the male world let you slip through those love nets everywhere? Probably all those chocolate boiling and water grilling barbecues they all have eh 😂 Oh well, our loss dear lady. Chocolate covered macadamia’s anyone? 🤣

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      1. Dale

        It does. To be fair, some of those people don’t know any better or weren’t given the tools to be true to themselves. However, many do know they don’t fit and stick around anyway!

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  1. joylennick

    Born in 1932 and married aged twenty : 1953, I was ninety last May. It’s like a mirage… Brain still works after a fashion…Patience, kindness and humour has been the glue! (And he always gave me his last Rolo!) x

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