On a Tangent

I wrote this several years ago and recently ran across it. I was procrastinating and looking for something to post this Sunday instead of the planned missive. It made me laugh. I hope it does you too.

People who know me, know that I love words. I love to write them. I love to speak them. And to a lesser degree, I love to hear them. I have also been known to spend my days waffling through tangents galore. But I digress.

I was recently commenting on a blog using the words “whale piss”. Yes, it was a humorous reaction to a comment on his blog that was hilarious.

It actually made me start to wonder about how aquatic animals urinate. With the billions of creatures in the oceans and the fact that much of it is connected, leaves an odd feeling in my stomach. I have swum in the ocean. And I have tasted its salty water. Oh my god it’s a urinal! It is! It is! They poop there too! How can they ever get clean?

When birds poop it usually lands on the ground. Occasionally it ends up on someone’s head. Animals in the forest poop on the leaves. And fish in the streams . . . Well, you get the drift. Humans aren’t much better. We are civilized though and we use containers to hold our excrement.  And then we flush it away . . . to our lakes and oceans. Doesn’t it make you want to rethink the whole idea of taking a swim!

Now you might also want to rethink the food you’re putting in your mouth. Do you know what the best fertilizer is? Okay, I don’t know if it’s the best but there are so many uses for it in the real world that it is mind-boggling. Poop. Dried elephant poop makes a great fire starter. Bat guano (poop)  is highly prized in some parts of the world. It gives a whole new understanding to the phrase “shooting the shit”.

When you take your oh so sanctimonious walk in the park think very carefully about what is landing on you. There are trillions upon trillions of teeny, tiny terminators that reside in the bodies of bugs. If it goes in, it has to come out. Their teeny tiny dung is in the air my friends. We are breathing it in!

The next time you hear someone talking about how our world is a cesspool you can agree. Problem is they’re speaking metaphorically and you’re thinking literally. From lowly shit a mighty world did grow.


52 thoughts on “On a Tangent

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Oooo, Dan said it perfectly! I used to wonder about this from time to time, and now that you’ve explained it so eloquently, I have to wonder if anything is free of poop and/or urine. I think not.

    But I feel better to know that most of it is in Washington, DC! They’re the shittiest people I can think of!

    Great post. Thanks for the belly laughs. Thanks for all the icky thoughts going through my brain!

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      1. Murphy’s Law

        Karla, so happy to hear from you! We all need a good belly laugh from time to time and our friend Pam is just the one to provide them.

        Sending you good wishes and prayers and lots of hugs and belly rubs for sweet Finley.

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      2. K.L. Hale

        Ginger, I’ve missed you all. I think of my WP “family” and friends daily, and pray for you too! Finn says thank you for belly rubs, Ginger! I’m dreading upcoming visits and appts …but I know I’m in good hands! Hopefully I’ll get a desk soon and get back to forming sentences on my blog, lol! Hugs and love my friend!

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      3. Murphy’s Law

        Karla, feeling you’re in good hands is a huge part of this journey you’re on. I’m sorry you are dreading the tests and doctors visits, but I can tell you I would too. I would be in a state of panic.

        So hang on tight my friend. And remember, you are Wonder Woman, only better. She wouldn’t have made it through what you have! You have faith. You have grit. And you have the love and friendship of so many who support you.

        Hope you get the best desk ever! But don’t be concerned with answering my gibberish. I just want you to know you are in my thoughts. You just concentrate on what you have to do for YOU .

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      4. K.L. Hale

        Thank you, Pam. That means more than you know. I’m typing this with tears running down my eyes. My bloodwork came back and no wonder I feel lousy. The lowest any counts have been in 8 years. My hemoglobin holding steady at barely an 8. You understand so much and I feel bad when I complain. The treatments may be killing the tumors,..but to what cost? The bone ones will not go away. I guess I’m having a darn pity party again! And communication with the Drs (all of them) is less than desirable. I’m just little ol’ me and there are millions of us and I understand their positions. I’m still walking and I should be grateful. I’m struggling typing this and I want nothing more than to go to my homepage and start typing an update to everyone. So your encouragement today, and Ginger’s, is exactly what I needed. Thank you for being WW for me! I’m learning from the best women ever! Many hugs and love! Happy Galentine’s Day!

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      5. quiall Post author

        I am so sorry I took so long to reply! I honestly misplaced this comment. I know that sounds ridiculous but I get 150 emails a day, at least. I do occasionally misplace one. My dear friend, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for! By virtue of the fact that you are a friend, you’re allowed to vent. I have big shoulders. Ginger has big shoulders. And we care. You can scream and rant and cry and… Anything you need to do, we are here. Don’t ever forget that. I will send you the deepest wishes from my heart. Know you are loved.

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      6. K.L. Hale

        No worries my friend! Ever! I understand about the emails. It can be overwhelming! Thank you both for allowing me to vent. I sat to write yesterday and now I’m awaiting my son and family’s visit. I’m weak. I’m postponing treatment for a bit so I’m hopeful I’ll write on Monday! My hemoglobin is low,…my hope is high! Sending you both so much love and hugs! Finn says “woof woof” (much love). Please all take care! 💕🙏🏻

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    1. Murphy’s Law

      Karla this is the only place I found a “reply”, so I hope it reaches you. I want to echo Pam’s offer of my email address. I gave it to you a long time ago but I don’t know how you keep all your emails straight.


      Of course you’re weak. But your mind and faith and optimism are strong. Sometimes things get worse before you turn that corner and see the light at the end of the tunnel. With all you’ve been through, I think your body is telling you that it needs to rest a bit before the next treatment. Remember, YOU are in charge of your body and what you want done and don’t want done.

      Vent to your hearts delight my dear. Venting is a wonderful way to clear the cobwebs out and release all those pent up tears and frustrations and anxieties. Yep, anger too. So you’re having a pity party? Good for you! Pam and I are quite familiar with them! 🤗 And like Pam said, we both have broad shoulders, so bring it on.

      A visit from family will perk you up and feed your soul. I have no doubt Finley’s companionship is a great comfort to you.

      Sending hugs and good wishes and love and friendship Karla. If I had a new, healthy body to give you, I would deliver it in person!

      Seriously, Pam and I are here for whatever we can do. Use us. We’re good listeners. Don’t let all our talent go to waste!!!🤗

      Belly rubs and scratchies for sweet Miss Finley.

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      1. K.L. Hale

        Ginger, Finley and me appreciate all the love and hugs and belly rubs. She’s a huge marshmallow wondering if Mom remembers how to groom. I made the hard decision to postpone treatment; and affirmation was received this morning when I talked to the Nuclear Medicine doctor who shared that my platelets are too low for treatment. I listened to my body and am glad I did what I did. I had to advocate for myself when those who needed to help were on vacation. I KNOW my body. It’s taken quite a “hit” with cancer AND treatments. I have an appt on Wednesday with my oncologist. They’ll draw more blood. I appreciate you and Pam for being here for me. Finn is an awesome companion indeed (I do wish she could cook lol 😂). I do have your email! I sat down to write this morning and ended up having a surprise visit from a friend. I’m hopeful to finish a post. It’s therapy for me. I miss you all. Thank you for everything. Love and hugs, Finn and me 🐾💕

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  2. Mark Lanesbury

    People don’t understand the importance of this cycle. The power in that one act. I had a flying fox (bat) pooped on my car, so in disgust I cleaned it off…within 2 years it had eaten a hole right through into the boot of my car. I had it fixed. It kept the car on the road to pay for petrol, taxes, my work…that one poop kept the economy going for years. Imagine what a flock of them could do Pam 🤣
    Great post dear lady 😂

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      1. Mark Lanesbury

        Apparently their diet makes for a very acidic poo. I thought I had scrubbed it off well but after a month or so it discolored and eventually went through everything, metal and all. Imagine them roosting in a tree over your house 🤣

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  3. Anonymous

    Oh crap. You know, I’ve never been fond of swimming in the ocean. (or in swimming pools, for that matter.) But as you point out, no place is excrement free. I will think of it as another form of recycling.

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