I think Mother Nature is going through Menopause.


A few days ago we had temperatures that felt like -26°C (-14°F) and four days later it was 7°C (44°F ).  We’ve got tsunamis and floods , drought, humidity and . . .

Recently a friend and I were talking about the weather and how changeable it is right now. This is Canada, we talk about weather. She was the one who came up with the idea that perhaps Mother Nature was going through ‘the change’. Yes ladies, THAT change.  And then my mind started to percolate…

The cycle of a human being can be challenging at times. In our childhood we deal with our bones growing and our minds developing. In our youth we begin to deal with hormones that we don’t understand and our minds expanding. As we pass middle age our minds are, hopefully, still expanding but we are faced with new challenges. That never seems to change. And women know that at a certain time those changes become, sometimes, more than a challenge. They can be life altering. And the men around them know this just as well.

A few days ago, the weather was 13°C (55°F) normally it hovers around -2°C (28°F).  Is somebody having hot flashes? What about the record highs in other countries or the constant downpour, flooding?  The entire planet seems to be shaking more than usual. I know there’s climate change but what about climate menopause. With always liking the planet to a woman and women age, just how old is the planet? Perhaps, geologically speaking, this wonderful world of ours is just past middle age. And we are now experiencing the throes of that age. It does make you wonder.

I have seen women burst into a rage for no reason and then collapse in tears. I think tsunami and torrential downpours. I once knew a woman who had hot flashes so unbearable that in the middle of winter she was out in her backyard in the snow in bare feet. I kid you not. She used to turn the air conditioning on while her husband was at work because. of course, it was winter. It was marvellous to be in the same room with her because she radiated heat. Parts of our world are heating up far past where they should be. Is Mother Nature having hot flashes?

I realize this is just another example of someone anthropomorphizing but I was bored and had time on my hands. That is such a dangerous combination!

48 thoughts on “I think Mother Nature is going through Menopause.

  1. Murphy’s Law

    I’ve often wondered if Mother Nature was having bouts of PMS because it might explain the roller coaster weather patterns we now have. I remember only too well that time in my life when I put a cardigan sweater on because I was cold, and then couldn’t get it off fast enough because now I was hot. I do not miss that time in my life at all!

    Even when you’re bored and have time on your hands, your words make a lot of sense. Today I suspect you made a lot of women feel better about their journey through menopause, but I’m not sure about Mother Nature! 🤗

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  2. joylennick

    What an excellent analogy, Pam. Some women suffered the extremes, while I didn’t, so counted myself lucky. And, I am, again lucky to live in the Costa Blanca region of Spain(retired) as it is – normally – one of the “Healthiest parts of Spain ” declared by the World Health organization.
    Even with the extremes happening elsewhere, we have not exactly suffered, BUT it is definitely different and much more fickle and unreliable than usual. Come along Mother Nature…do your ‘kind stuff’ !!

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  3. willowdot21

    The devil make mischief for idle hands.. but in this case I think you are on to something and this beautiful planet of ours cannot last forever? She is aging and nothing not lasts indefinitely, plus the parisites she carrys …Humans have been raping, pillaging, laying waste and raging wars well that must be bringing her down too! 💜

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  4. Sorryless

    You had me at the title, Pam!

    As for the rest of your “weather report”, yes this is carazy stuff the globe is going through. And even if the climate change doubters don’t believe in the totality of the science, they should be able to admit that Mother Nature needs to chill.

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  5. StonerGypsy

    It’s been an awful experience and I deeply resonate with her struggle! 🤣 hot flashes. Night sweats. Brain fog…. Ugh and the insane feeling of having a cycle but there’s no cycle. “You’re killing new smalls”

    I do believe it is possible for our beloved Gaia to be doing just that… if we can why couldn’t a divine being that literally holds herself up in a galaxy that would destroy her… 💚

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      1. StonerGypsy

        Started peri menopause at 24, I’m 40. I just want my uterus taken out already. And the clock has reset itself after 13 months without a spot. Now I lay here dying… migraine, cramps, and hot flashes. Fml 😂😂😂 I can’t wait for this shit to end!

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  6. dweezer19

    I’ve said the same thing, Pam. But I would add my philosophy about cyclic influences like PMS and Menopause. It isn’t that women go nuts during these times. It’s just that they are less resilient to all the BS coming at them every day. So with that in mind, Mother Nature might just be suffering a huge case of being ticked off. 🤷‍♀️

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