30 thoughts on “Daily Quip

    1. Mark Lanesbury

      Oh, and I just remembered. They did an experiment on film once where one guy stood in the center, and six other people stood all around him. They were all asked to give a description of what they could see. One said I could see their face, another said I could see the back of their head, another said they could only see an ear…and so on around the circle. They were all different…but all right. And then there is the emotions to which give it another dimension. Someone may not like the black clothes he was wearing so lowered an impression of that moment. 3D so to speak. So if someone says they saw an eagle flying high…it was probably a pelican with belly full of fish…our hopes and dreams will create anything we want. Now, about that chocolate party I’m sure you promised me and Ginger. Ah perspective, it has a lot of mirrors Pam 🤣

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