Reflection versus Direction

It would appear that the post I had planned to use today is still percolating and not quite ready. So, I thought I would regale you with a post from 2014. I hope you enjoy.

In this day and age almost everything we say or do can be broadcast to the world.  You never know if your picture is being taken on the street or in the shops.  Movie cameras have moved into our workplace, our leisure time and our wars.  We have instant information at our fingertips.  But I have a question for you:  does the instant relating of news serve as a reflection of what is happening or is it directing us.

The whole strategy behind marketing is to influence people in their decision-making.  If one soap brand has a really cool commercial they will probably end up with more sales than another brand.  So it stands to reason that if the newsmakers present, for example, a war with the appropriate packaging it will be accepted more easily by the general public.  We want our world neatly packaged and delivered painlessly to us.

Who was it that said you can never be too thin or too rich?  Well if you’re too thin you die and if you’re too rich, ummmm, I’m thinking.  Okay I got it!  If you are too rich then you become insulated from the human condition.  Okay maybe not.  I’m not too thin and I’m not too rich.  What I am is too damn tired of Hollywood and its environs telling us how to look, how to act, how to think, how to live.  They’re trying to mold us into perfect little automatons.

In order to be yourself you have to disregard the advertisements that tell you what shampoos to use and how your makeup is to be applied, how to dress. If we can be true to ourselves and honour the person we actually are and not the image that society wants us to project, then I believe we have a chance. We need to raise children to be forward thinkers and not sheep-like followers.

I don’t have any children so why am I so concerned about other people’s offspring?  Simply put:  other people’s kids are our future.  If I love this world then I should want it to continue.  The only way that will happen is if we have people at the forefront who care. News needs to be analyzed and marketing gimmicks need to be dismissed. The truth is there, it is just sometimes difficult to see.

I was raised by parents who loved me.  They never taught me to hate.  They did teach me to care.  And I do care.  I care about the atrocities I see happening in other parts of the world.  I care about the horrible greed that exists around so many of our politicians.  I see hate, I see rage, I see iniquities, I see despair and I see fear.  What I also see is love, understanding and compassion.

I also see hope.  Above all else hope will save our world. If we stick together we will overcome adversity and we will flourish. The world is ours.


41 thoughts on “Reflection versus Direction

  1. Frank @ Beach Walk Reflections

    I appreciate the way you mentioned the marketing of news. I would add one more layer to that idea. As the news organizations package, the viewers respond to the package they want to hear, which they proclaim as truth. While many complain about news bias, aren’t viewers more biased?

    Care … caring about others and the world around us seems to be swallowed in the swamp of selfishness. Isn’t hate and rage based on selfishness and rightousness? Thanks for sharing today!

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    Wonderful post Pam and it’s as “right on” today as it was when you wrote it. Hope is the glue that holds our world together. Without it we’re yesterday’s news.

    We can’t give up our ability to think for ourselves. We may not always make the right decision, but at least it’s “our” decision we have to stand up to the plate and own, not something we’ve been brainwashed with.

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  3. Dale

    A very worthy re-share, Pam. The news dictates our emotions, our beliefs, our desires – at least it’s trying to. We have the choice to not follow it.
    As for hope and love, I like to believe the more we dish out, the more others will, as well.
    Happy Sunday!

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    1. Murphy’s Law

      Nicely said Dale. We reap what we sow. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could grow gardens of love and hope and they would flourish like weeds do!

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  4. joylennick

    We are in total agreement again, Pam, and I was also lucky to have loving, sensible parents, who were excellent role models. Fortunately, despite its very modest size…my brain steered me away flocks of sheep. I find it so sad that many folk don’t fully think for themselves…I loved pretty clothes as a teenager, but NEVER fell in with fashion trends, unless they suited me…AAB!

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  5. Mark Lanesbury

    Isn’t is amazing that the past is driving us, making decisions for us. That decision yesterday to do so many things are here today…but can be changed. Now that’s freedom. It’s the one we are afraid to change that binds us. So, I make a decision for tomorrow…TV off, radio off, chocolate…er…on hold (see, there’s a binder). Two out of three ain’t bad. Great post dear lady, that still holds great thoughts and purpose. So, for tomorrow also, may our hearts ever drive us 🤣

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