Our Baggage

What do you carry,

In the baggage you hold?

How tight do your keep

Your grip?


Do you shuffle and fold,

And occasionally toss,

The items you carry,

Each day?


Are they heavy and cold

Or cheerful and light?

Do you keep

Under lock and key?


Do you share what you have

With those you hold dear?

Or hide them away



Perhaps it is time

To reveal what you have,

To lighten the burden

You hold.


Each of us owns

Some baggage we hide,

So don’t be afraid

To unpack.

22 thoughts on “Our Baggage

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Carrying around baggage seems to be a mainstay of our lives. There’s no law that says we have to carry it forever. We need to do a bit of Spring and Fall cleaning to purge some of this stuff.

    Great poem Pam. Perfectly written.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Murphy’s Law

        I agree Pam. The emotional baggage we all tote around is a sticky wicket! Hopefully before our time here is up and we’re messing with other people’s heads, we’ll get our own heads straightened out!

        Liked by 1 person

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