A Serious Thought

A serious thought,

Popped into my head.

It seems there was trouble,

With a word that I said.


I cannot remember,

The word that I used.

But my brain is insisting,

That my ego is bruised.


My feelings chimed in,

They felt it was wrong.

The word that I used,

Belonged in a song.


Confusion’s set in,

We’re all in a flux.

The bits that are me,

Think everything sucks!


I need calm in this place,

That I call my head.

Relax and shut up,

I know what I said!


I lied to them all,

I needed some peace.

It is sleep I require,

As the voices decrease.


Have you ever surmised,

About the noise in your head?

They’re loud all our lives,

Until we are dead.


I welcome the gang,

When we all work as one.

But then there are days,

When I am seriously done!




30 thoughts on “A Serious Thought

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Your cute fish look like they don’t have a care in the world! Our thoughts, ideas, questions can be overwhelming sometimes. And yes, it sucks. But on the bright side, we know we’re not dead yet!🤗

    I’d rather some of my “noise” stays in my head instead of coming out of my mouth as with some people who are just loud and obnoxious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. John Hric

    The context in the cortex can become a cacophony and at those times listening is a skill that needs be set aside. Diluted by a cup of tea and a double dose of serenity for good measure.

    Liked by 1 person


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