Purple Shoes

I’ve loved the life I’ve lived,

And I hope I’ve lived it well.

I hope I’m going to heaven,

And not to live in hell!


I think that I’ve lived fully,

My memories are strong.

The fun I’ve had, the laughter,

I’m sure it wasn’t wrong.


They say I’m getting older,

My red hair’s going blonde.

I do not wish to say goodbye,

To the people I’ve grown fond.


One day the thing will happen,

That starts me on my way.

I’ll go the way directed,

If I really cannot stay.


But in the time that’s left to me,

I wish to do so much,

I’ll go, I’ll see, I’ll experience,

With just a silly touch.


The person that I am right now,

The wicked grin I choose.

Will show to you the truly me,

As I wear my purple shoes!

31 thoughts on “Purple Shoes

  1. Mark Lanesbury

    Great poem dear lady, I think up there you can wear anything 🤣
    I used to, way back when, have a pair of white platform shoes. I tried to click the heels three times and wish to go anywhere I wanted…but they only ever wore the heels out 🤣

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  2. rangewriter

    Purple looks good on you. And, I’m not sure you’d enjoy heaven. I think too many of your friends would be missing, as would the quirky fun you enjoy participating in. But of course, I’m basing that on my own vision of heaven which seems a bit like hell.

    Liked by 1 person

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