Wisdom 101

The wisest statement ever uttered is: “I don’t know”. It implies a humility and a willingness to learn. We are not born wise; we do not take classes that teach us to be wise. Wisdom is formed through experiences, through hardships, and through heartache. It’s called life. It’s something to be embraced and accepted. Some of the least formally educated people are the wisest. And vice versa.  Indeed, some of the wisest statements have come from children. From their innocence. There is no template for wisdom. We should take note.

Knowledge is not linear.  Each item we learn about opens up an avenue to another which opens up an avenue to another and before you know it you have a spiderweb. Spiderwebs with tendrils that meander through our entire lives and connect us with others. The willingness to explore those spiderwebs is what, in part, allows our wisdom to grow. The accumulation of information forms a basis upon which we can flourish. And wisdom is not tangible. You cannot look at a person and say: “Well, they are wise”. Wisdom is ephemeral, gossamer like and so very important to our lives. Seeking wisdom should always be paramount. But it also does not mean that everything we say or think is wise. We can show exceptional wisdom one moment and incredible stupidity the next. But part of being wise is accepting the fact that we are not always. Bit of a conundrum, I think.

We seem to think differently these days. It’s like our focus has changed from learning information to gaining entertainment.  The ultimate goal is not one of wisdom but of notoriety.I remember when selfies were self-congratulatory pats on your own back for a job well done. Now it’s a way to document the world around you without actually engaging because you are looking through your camera phone. Looking at your phone. I remember when phones had cords so that you were forced to stay in one place and pay attention to the conversation or conversely it was used as a vehicle for dispatching an errant husband.   Oops.

I don’t think our future is hopeless but I wonder if it is helpless to stop the changes that are barrelling through. I hope we come to our senses and learn that wisdom is achievable if we have a willingness. Future be damned, it will get here one day.

46 thoughts on “Wisdom 101

  1. Dan Antion

    I think there has only ever been a small percentage of the population seeking wisdom. The reason lies within your first paragraph. Saying “I don’t know” is very hard for some people. As for selfies, from the ones I’ve seen, the goal (often) is to obscure something breathtaking with a picture of a “me wearing my latest purchase.”

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  2. Murphy’s Law

    I think we display a level of wisdom when we can acknowledge that we don’t know everything and are willing to learn from others. Especially from others who are different from us in any way, shape or form. We allow the ignorance of our biases to block our path to learning.

    I like what Dan said. Too many of us are only concerned with “me, myself and I”.

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  3. Dale

    I wish more people admitted to not knowing something rather than give a load of bullcrap. It ends up making them sound more ignorant in the end (unless their story is really good 😉 )
    I love that we have opportunities to grow and learn and gain wisdom.
    The selfie nation we have become (I am generalising, of course) is somewhat scary. We need to stop and be in the moments more.

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  4. Kate@VanhaTaloSuomi

    Thoughtful post. It seems pretty clear to me – and perhaps it would be clear to others too… if maybe they stopped watching funny dog and cat videos long enough. The internet, that wonderful font of knowledge, a portal to new and old worlds, holds so much more promise than just videos of scary Russian drivers, bloopers, and how to apply makeup.

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  5. Mark Lanesbury

    W…i…z…no, wait…s…e…doh…p…nooo, d…u…m. See, I found this one in a book, the one I haven’t writed…writinged…wroten yet 🤣
    Great post dear lady, you got it the first, second and third time 😀

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  6. Donna Florack

    I remember when you couldn’t take recording devices into things like concerts so you sat (or stood) and enjoyed the music or actually watched the show. Today’s concert crowds are a sea of phones held high all recording the show to watch later. Why not just stay home then and watch someone else’s video on YouTube? Phones don’t make everything better. I understand more artists are trying to get phones banned at live events. There’s a device called Yondr that’s being used some places. It basically locks the phone inside a case. You can only get it unlocked and take it out in certain designated areas, but not in the concert floor or seating area. Interesting idea to return people to being present in a small way. You don’t learn from observation or experience by staring at a phone screen.

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  7. dweezer19

    The worst part is not that so many are seeking entertainment as much as ‘being’ entertainment. Even serious threads about potentially devastating events draw jokes, jeers, threats and sarcasm, almost instantaneously. I am most concerned about the apathy and hardening off of humans to the plight of all living things. 😞

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  8. Sorryless

    You make an excellent point about how we used to stay in the moment and how that has changed to a degree with our technological advancements. Wisdom is knowing the difference and looking to better ourselves by establishing these spiderwebs (great analogy).

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