Give Thanks

Give thanks for the person,

You are here today.

Tomorrow is uncertain,

Next week is unclear.


Give thanks for the gifts,

That are given your way.

Remember your giving,

Should not be from fear.


Give thanks for the time,

you still have to stay.

Value your selves,

And keep your friends near.


Give of yourself,

In your own private away.

And there is your thanks,

On their faces so dear

37 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. John Hric

    Grateful is definitely the better saner place to be. However wisdom sometimes takes us to the place where we are compelled to say something is not right and stinks to high heaven. And corrective action rather than gratefulness takes center stage. This would apply to things like Uganda and its anti LGBTQ legislation, the war in Ukraine, the US Congress and States taking away women’s rights, and gun safety to name just a few. Some days it is not easy to be grateful when we are trudging up the same hill all over again.

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