Quite a Start

I thought I felt a hand,

Upon my shoulder rest.

I never would have thought . . .

Perhaps I should have guessed.


I turned to see this person,

Who quietly had approached.

I had in mind a word,

To be used as I reproached!


But then I had a feeling,

A joy within my heart.

No one was behind me,

That gave me quite a start!


Then I felt a presence,

It started with a hug.

Then I felt a blessing,

And my heart a little tug.


Just before me stood,

What I could not see.

But my soul knew differently,

It was the Holy Three.


I was in their arms,

Safe within their love.

They will always be,

A presence from above.


35 thoughts on “Quite a Start

      1. Murphy’s Law

        Karla, I think Pam’s words today will touch everyone’s heart and soul because they’re straight from hers.

        Liked by 3 people

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