Angel’s Tears

A lonely child by the window sat,

And watched the rain fall down.

Rivulets formed on the glassy panes.

The drops a diamond crown.


A mother tried to soothe her child,

And told a story from long ago.

About an angel lost in heaven,

Who had no where to go.


Hid amongst the clouds so high,

She feared the face of God.

But He knew and He is kind,

He cleared her celestial fog.


“Fear not child, my love is true”,

Came a gentle voice.

”I’ll always be beside you,

If that would be your choice”.


The frightened angel dried her tears.

And took the outstretched hand.

“Forgive me please my dearest Lord,

I did not understand.”


But still sometimes the tears do fall.

It’s a difficult path to keep.

Fear and sorrow overcome,

And then the angels weep.


So next you see a peaceful rain,

Remember well this tale.

Never fear the face of God,

He’ll not let you fail.

22 thoughts on “Angel’s Tears

  1. Murphy’s Law

    Oh my, the angel isn’t the only one with a tear or two. You’ve outdone yourself once again Pam. This is a comforting and soothing piece of prose. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and thoughts.

    Liked by 3 people


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