A Journey

Would you like to walk with me?

Our voyage short or long.

Side-by-side together,

Nothing can go wrong.


Put your hand in mine,

As we journey on our way.

Never fear and don’t forget,

The things we see each day.


Our time may have it’s moments,

That cause us then to part.

Perhaps it’s not an ending,

But just a fresh new start!


Would you like to walk with me,

To see what is about?

Our time it will be glorious!

Of this I have no doubt.

26 thoughts on “A Journey

  1. Murphy’s Law

    I would love to walk with you Pam. I will need my cane, and our walk will be slow, but I’m game if you are. And if we have to part, we will definitely meet again. Walking and sharing with a friend would be absolutely glorious!

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