17 thoughts on “Art Work

  1. Kim Smyth

    Hi! I happened to find your blog through Dan’s and I like what I see! I like your artwork a well, I was just wondering if you have ever heard of or attempted Diamond Art “Painting”. It is so fun and relaxing, and you can listen to an audiobook or watch a show on Netflix or whatever while you’re working on a piece. I love it! I have made several for presents and just started one for myself, you would like it, it is a beach scene. Anyway, nice to meet you!

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    1. quiall Post author

      Hi Kim! Nice to meet you. Dan has the BEST visitors. I looked at the Diamond Art and while it looks intriguing it wouldn’t work for me. My hands don’t work well with tiny things due to my MS. I am lucky I can still hold a brush, most days. Actually, I usually have Netflix on when I’m painting! haha. I haven’t been to this page in awhile, I should update. One more thing I SHOULD do. Take care Kim, stay safe.

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      1. Kim Smyth

        Aww, you too, and I’m sorry the DA isn’t feasible. I understand though, I used to work with tiny seed beads in my jewelry making but I doubt I can see them as well anymore. I miss it, but I’m too busy nowadays anyway between writing, DA, and taking care of Dad. 😊🤗

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