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I am a woman with a mission: to live life to the fullest. I will not let an itty, bitty incurable disease stop me. It may slow me down but like a ship dragging an anchor, I'll get there eventually. Walk with me at



I must be.  I’ll bet you are too. We must be if we think this B-Sht Crazy World is going to make it.  I mean think about it.  Our planet is a mess, we only have one world, there is no back up. And yet as hard as some people work to try to fix all the problems, there are too many others who are apathetic.  Even worse are those who fight against the solutions for personal gain.

People around the world are starving but we can feed them, we can heal sicknesses, provide care, promote education. But because of greed and apathy people don’t get the support they need.  This planet has more than enough resources to support everyone if we share but we don’t know how to get along. We really don’t.

Food.  It all comes down to food.  One of the leading causes of death worldwide, is food related.  In some countries: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer. In other countries: starvation. How can we let this happen?

We have pristine beaches we purposely pollute because we are lazy?  We have places to put garbage so why don’t we? We expect others to clean up after us. We want the problems to be fixed but we don’t want to be responsible.

Too many dreams left unfilled can lead to apathy. Which explains so much. We have improved our lives a great deal but we have lost a lot along the way. We have lost understanding, compassion and acceptance.  We find ways to promote hatred and that becomes all consuming.

Perhaps the most controversial problem facing our world is climate change. And we cannot agree on that!  Open your eyes and look out the window. Are your winters the same as they were fifty years ago?  Your summers twenty years ago? Some of the most violent weather recorded has happened in the last decade.  Cause for concern?  I think so.  And so do scientists worldwide.  I think I’ll take my cue from them.  Naming a problem is the first step towards solving it and that took far too long!  Now we need to fix it.  Or at least decrease its impact.

But we run into the universal problem: we can’t get along.  We are so blinded by our petty hatreds, greed and apathy we are unable to see the real picture.  Our world is dying.  It probably won’t happen in our lifetime or our children’s children lifetime. But is that the legacy we want to leave our distant future:  we didn’t care enough?

Shady Quip

If it ain’t broke . . . first hire a consulting firm to determine if it truly is not broken.  Then an environmental agency will need to do a study to assess the ramifications to the environs should changes be required.  Then a societal report will need to be filed in triplicate with various agencies who need to justify their budgets.  And finally if it ain’t broke . . . break it.

A Political Statement



A political statement

Needs to be heard,

By people who matter

Not lines that are blurred.


Trust is an issue

And what’s good for us all,

Not perks for a few

And the rest to the wall.


I want to feel safe

And valued as one,

Not facing the barrel

Of an anger fuelled gun.


Why is the question

So hard to discern ?

Speak from the heart

With a voice of concern!


Lives are what matter

We all are as one,

That is the day when

We will have won.


You are important

And I am as well,

That’s the first step

The hate we must quell.


This fight must be forward

Our world is being slammed.

No arguments between us

Politics be damned!

A Luddite Wanna Be?


For years that has been what I have been claiming.  I may need to rethink that statement.  Perhaps a little context . . .

Luddites were a loosely based organization of English textile workers in the 19th century who protested against the use of machines.  They were afraid of losing their jobs.  Sound familiar? Protests turned violent, property and people were destroyed.

As so often happens, the movement was co-opted decades later to serve another purpose.  People have used it as a rallying cry against all technology.  It is this cry that forecasts the evils of technology and the demise of modern society.  I beg to differ.

We live longer than we did in the 1800’s. We have cured diseases that once decimated entire communities. We have explored our world and beyond.  Life is good.  Or it could be.  We have unleashed rampart greed and cynicism.  We have generations of lazy users who only want more and someone else to pay for it.  People are dying from diseases we have cured simply because of apathy and avarice.

We are all connected because of technology but that same connectivity is forcing an isolation on us.  We would rather speak into a box than talk openly to a real person. We have lost so much.  Cyber-crimes are common place and picnics are not. The only place you seem to find a large group of people talking to each other is in protests which far too often turn violent.

I remember the days when I would go camping in the wilderness. There was no shower, no bathroom, no convenience store nearby. If you were cold, light a fire. If you wanted light, light a fire. If you were hungry, you guessed it, light a fire. There were no cell phones or Wi-Fi or big screen TVs. We carried snake bite kit’s, just in case. We did have battery operated flashlights for those midnight jaunts to relieve one’s bladder. You did not want to squat down without first checking that there was no poison oak nearby or a hungry rattlesnake out for snack. Yes, it was that kind of camping. And I loved it.

I also love flush toilets and heating and air conditioning and my computer. Well, I loved being in circumstances with no technology but I also recognized that I cannot live that way anymore. I need technology. But it also frightens me. We rely so much on it that we don’t think anymore. A quip I wrote a few years ago: “Kids today don’t have to think, there’s an app for that.” In some ways is not really that funny, it’s true.

I live in a technologically savvy world. I’m not savvy but I do require the technology. I will live with it but I will not forget that it is a tool. Tools need to be used responsibly and then put away. The real world is just outside your front door. No, I do not want to be a Luddite. However . . .