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I am a woman with a mission: to live life to the fullest. I will not let an itty, bitty incurable disease stop me. It may slow me down but like a ship dragging an anchor, I'll get there eventually. Walk with me at



Every day’s a new day

With the Lord at my side

His tenets are true

And with them I’ll bide


I’ll walk on His path

That He laid out for me

With love in my heart

I’ll always be free


The Lord is my Shepherd

And I am his flock

He whispers to me

And of Him I’ll talk


Please take my hand

The journey is long

He will be with us

And together we’re strong

Uncomfortable Situations


We all have them. Those times when you are not ready to speak up in a crowd or to give a report to a demanding boss. I hated standing up in class and giving speeches or even speaking. Who hasn’t been in the situation where they simply are not prepared and you have to ‘wing it’ or face the truth and admit defeat? I’ve been there.

As I grew older I developed the skills to better equip me to deal with these situations. Life experiences helped, of course, but also acting. In High School I joined the Drama department by accident. Yes, you read that right: by accident. As a youth I was great at ‘moral support’ for my friends. One such friend wanted to audition for a play. So I went along for moral support. She auditioned and then I was asked to go on stage. I could have refused but I did not want to be appear stupid so I did as was asked. I got a part. It was a big part. And I was good.

That is exactly where my journey to self-awareness began. I learned to protect the shy, introverted 6-year-old inside and display only poise and confidence. It worked.

As the years went on I got better and better. My confidence grew. I learned to prepare my self for any possibility I could think of. At parties I had topics lined up to speak about. This is where my Daily Quips originated. Of course I never wrote any of them down but those situations were the genesis.

I learned to do things that frightened me. I spoke in public. I had techniques that allowed me to appear just as I wanted to be seen. I had years of performing on stage to make it all work.

But some situations require a different approach. Wisdom comes with age. Sometimes the honest approach is to admit that you do not know. That is tough. Now, I have more respect for an individual who openly admits that they do not know the answer. There is no shame in that. I will admit that it was a hard lesson for me to learn. But I did learn it.



And so it begins

The year still is new

Let’s hope for the best

And not just to make do,


Treat others with love

Use compassion to judge

Deep held opinions

I know will not budge.


But keep pressing away

It’s all for the good

Together as one

We can do all that we should.


So today is a start

The first step towards peace

False starts in the past

Should not make us cease.


I believe in us all

I believe we can win

Together as one

We must simply begin.