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Here’s the thing . . .

Time.  We never seem to have enough of it. It’s always getting in the way. We have passed it, try to keep it or even wished it away. Some days it seems to control everything we do. Time. We invented it and like Frankenstein’s monster, it is wrecking havoc!

The Egyptians were the first to start dividing the day into segments. They were not the only ones.  The ancient Greeks, the Chinese, Tibet, Japan, England and many others all had a hand in creating the concept we call Time. The first devices to follow it were created as early as 2000 BC. And we still can’t seem to get it right!

We have fine-tuned the concept even more and we now divide the day into ridiculously small components. Milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, . . .  and almost everyone seems to be attached to a device that follows those seconds and even vocally informs us of how much we have left. People are obsessed with it. When I went looking into this idea for my post, I found almost 10,000 quotes related to time. Some were funny, some could inspire you, some are even considered wise old saying. The Internet is a wonderful place to fine lists of things . . .

“Time waits for no one.” Folklore

“Lost time is never found again.” Benjamin Franklin

“Time brings all things to pass.” Aeschylus

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”  Bruce Lee

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Charles Darwin

Definitely a popular topic. And so it should be!  86,400 seconds. That’s it. One day. 86,400 seconds. Some of that is spent sleeping, eating, the other thing we do because we eat, that we don’t talk about. But how much of that time do we spent in contemplation? How much of that time do we spend acknowledging the miracle that is life? I know, I know, most people don’t want to think about it. But our time here is finite. Nobody gets out alive. We need to be aware, to notice the beauty, be inspired by that which is all around us. We use Time to control our lives but it also helps us to focus on what that life actually is. Once the time is gone, it is past and cannot be relived. As long as we can remember our past, it will never die and that moment in time can be preserved. But perhaps we should notice first and preserve second. Time can be your friend but never forget it’s only a label.



Silly stepped

In silken shoes

While Jolly

Jumped a jet.

Funny fled a funeral

Cuz there really

Was no fun.

Witty walked on water

As he whisked

Himself away.

Humour hunkered down

At home but still

We’re holding hope.

Now Crazy crashed

A cop car and Corny

Curdled cream.

Foolish tackled Funny

As they fought for

Finder’s fees.

And Dizzy’s feeling

Dastardly as

She dips on down

The drive.

Daft is doing

Dizzy’s lunch,

There’s more

I have a hunch.

So to end this

Silly stunt

I have one thing

To say:

Smile and laugh

Each every day

And hate will stay


Instinctive Intuition?

Instinct: ” . . an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli . .”

Intuition:”. .  the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning . .”

Instinct has been explained as the hardwiring that exists in the brain. Whereas intuition is more like the software that works behind conscious thought and often directs it.

In the animal world instincts are dominant. When I use the word ‘ animal’ I am not referring to human beings. Technically Homo sapiens are part of the animal world (some are more a part of that world than others) but I digress. In the animal kingdom many young are born knowing everything they need to know to survive. Some spend a few years learning the ropes. But can you imagine letting a two-year-old human child loose to survive in this world? I would not suggest it.

We may not have the instincts of most of the animal kingdom but we do have intuition.  My question is this:  has the human intuition evolved from our once hardwired instincts? There are those people who always seem to know the right path to take, the right words to say. Are they perhaps working on a deep-seated instinct that the rest of us are unable to access? I wonder.

I have known people to pick the winning numbers of more than one lottery. Was it just good luck? There are people who seem to live a gifted life. They choose the right life partner, the right job, the right hobbies.  They seem happy and satisfied with their life. Are they? We can never truly know from the outside. But maybe they are. Maybe they just got lucky and made all the right choices or maybe those choices were made by instinct.

I have never heard of any research done into the question of instincts used by human beings. After all it probably isn’t an interesting topic for science. But it is for a curious mind. I’ve always considered myself to be a lucky person. No, I have never won a big lottery or found a life partner etc. etc. But I have had a wonderful life. I have been places that satisfied my curiosity, I have seen incredible beauty in this country and others. I have met fascinating people, in person and online. I feel my life has been blessed. I have a wonderful family; I have incredible friends and experiences to keep my memory satisfied for decades. Were my choices made on instincts or I am just a lucky person?

The next time you make a choice ask yourself this question:  Was this instinct or intuition? I wonder what the answer will be.