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Now for something different

I recently put my artwork in a show that will be on display for four months.  If you are in the neighbourhood it can be found at The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre at 2303 Bridge St, Oakville, Ontario.

Now since most of you are nowhere near, I thought I would give you a peek.  All of these paintings were done between September 2017 and December 2018.

I hope you enjoy . . .

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16 Paintings in total.  I also included some of my quips on the little cards explaining the work.  I did 5 paintings 20×24, 5 paintings 18×20, 5 painting 9×12, and one odd one.  They are all acrylic on canvas or canvas board.  It was an adventure for me.  I wonder what’s next . . .


Oh, and if you are wondering what the writing is on one painting . . . here it is:

Water Fight

Water that is clean

Should be our right

Every new glass

As we hold it tight

We once dipped our toes

In crystal clean ponds

And dreamed of the day

When all nature bonds

Responsibility is ours

To make it all right

So never forget

It’s time now to fight!

A Balancing Act




You go left

And I’ll go right

And then will meet

In the middle


I’ll sing a song

You write a poem

Together our

Life is a riddle

The chorus is sound

And the stanza is tight

The only thing left

Is the thrum of the fiddle


I’ll go left

And you’ll go right

And then will meet

In the middle

A Casual Word




A word said in haste

Can cut a dream like a knife.

A word without thought

Can end a young life.


Consonants and vowels

With a lilt or tone

Have power to hurt

Such power to own.


But a different word

Uplifting and brave

Could rule with such decency

A powerful wave


Each day is a new one

The words have a voice

Casual or not

Now you have a choice

The Future is Here

the future is here

in our hands to command

be gentle, be kind

but do not demand

remember the past

with a smile and a wink

now eyes straight ahead

a moment to think

what do you want

for the future to know

that with love we did live

I wish it were so

mistakes that were made

and evils did thrive

but we can do better

if we will just strive

the future is here

in our hands to unfold

be kind to each other

and paradise behold

rose single

Little Red Wagon



There’s a little red wagon

Wandering through my dream

The handle gives me splinters

But the wheels all brightly gleam


The shinning wheels are turning

As we saunter down the street

Going to the future

And some yet distant treat


The simple life I led

When I was but a child

Still lets me wander there

And lets me still run wild


The morning’s now reality

The mists once more depart

Perhaps tonight I’ll visit there

I know the place by heart


The Still Man



She looked deep into the eyes

Of the man as he lay

His heart kept on pumping

Still beating its way


His breath was quite ragged

Still trying to hang on

As his life tried to rally

And then he was gone


Slowly she rose

The knife in her hand

She looked at the ground

It was not as was planned


He should not have laughed

He should not have lied

He should now be thankful

Only the radio died.




Silly stepped

In silken shoes

While Jolly

Jumped a jet

Funny fled a funeral

Cuz there really

Was no fun.

Witty walked on water

As he whisked

Himself away.

Humour hunkered down

At home but still

We’re holding hope.

Now Crazy crashed

A cop car and Corny

Curdled cream.

Foolish tackled Funny

As they fought for

Finder’s fees

And Dizzy’s feeling

Dastardly as

She dips on down

The drive.

Daft is doing

Dizzy’s lunch

There’s more

I have a hunch.

So to end this

Silly stunt

I have one thing

To say:

Smile and laugh

Each every day

And hate will stay


There once was a girl named Amiss

I know I don’t usually post more than one post a day but I just couldn’t resist.  Linda Hill runs a a weekly prompt that is loads of fun.  I read the entries all the time but this week I am joining in.  I used this poem a few months ago but I think it fits this challenge.  I hope you agree.  You can find Linda at:



There once was a girl named Amiss

Who’s goal in her life was to kiss

With men she would meet

Their faces she’d greet

And nary a one did dismiss


The boys from around got to know

From Amiss they’d get quite a show

They’d come from afar

To see the new star

Only to find she’s a miss


Now time as you know won’t be harried

But the message of course will be carried

From the men she did meet

There was one she did keep

And now the miss is a married




Q and A - babiea


Snap! A judgement’s made

An opinion based on air

No sight or sound or even reason

I never said it’s fair.

And now perhaps forever

That label sticks like glue

All is based on something

That isn’t even you

Think perhaps of others now

And do not do the same

Remember how you felt yourself

From judgements please refrain

A Birdie Sings

Hilary's Pics 004


A silly little bird

Is flitting round my brain

I fear it may do damage

My memories it may drain


But wait a bit I’ve got it wrong

So typical of me

The silly tit’s a song

And he’s singing just for thee


The words go back and then go forth

Just like a bird in flight

I hear the tune so clearly now

My memories they are tight


I love the song this birdie sings

A gentle misty tune

If only all could hear his song

Of peace and love and soon