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Frozen in Time

Just for a moment,

They are frozen in time.

Their spirits have passed,

Their mark left in grime.


A quick sudden frost,

And footprints are left.

To mark someone’s passing,

Do not be bereft.


They simply walked by,

On a day in their life.

Mud took a snapshot,

A moment of strife.


Locked for a second,

And then frozen in place.

Captured in pictures,

For a moment of grace.


Time is immutable,

They tell me that’s true.

But I know the facts,

Truly I do.


Time is a moment,

A second in space.

It moves ever forward,

At its own leisure pace.


But it can be captured,

And kept for all time.

By the eye of a man,

And a woman of rhyme.



Once again I am inspired by a picture by Dan. He and his dog Maddie provide me with such pleasure on an ongoing basis. You can visit him at:      You will never be disappointed!

The Mines

They say there are Travellers,

Deep in the mines,

Wandering from dusk until dawn.

No one will work,

When the sun is not up,

And the moon casts,

An eerie glow.


They are searching, they say,

These Travellers of old,

Looking for something they lost.

They frighten the miners,

With a cold nameless fear,

When they are seen,

Far below.


Deep underground,

Are mysterious tunnels,

Miles upon miles to travel.

Stories are told,

Of men who had died,

And now wander in search,

Of a life.


Beware of the shadows,

The cold silent dark,

And Travellers that lurk out of sight.

Your life maybe forfeit,

And you unaware,

In a single brief moment.

Of strife.

Just Beneath

Snow lay heavy on the ground,

The night was dark and still

Figures moved in the dim moon light,

As if by someone’s will.


The children slept in innocence,

The adults stirred with worry.

A world unkind and confusing,

The future oh so blurry.


But deep inside there is a core,

A strength perhaps unknown.

Children rarely understand,

And grown-ups must be shown.


We have the power deep inside,

To choose the path that’s right.

All it takes is to believe,

And be prepared to fight.


We need not battle one another,

But ignorance must be routed.

Hatred also must be crushed

And all of those who doubted.


Snow lays deep upon the ground,

Yet it cannot stop our will.

If we stand with one another,

Peace will find us still.







The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

Vixen had a nasty cold,

Do you know this tale?

The team was now in danger,

Could Christmas truly fail?


Santa shook his head in the woe.

And Rudolph gave a snort.

Blitzen shed a reindeer tear,

And Dasher did retort:


“Never will it ever happen …

That Christmas will not be!

There is no greater crisis,

That I could ever see!”


Prancer then did prance around,

And Dancer joined his friend.

Comet posed a quiet query:

Could Christmas this year end?


Donner simply stood and stared,

When Cupid asked a question.

“What if there really is a cure,

Perhaps a kind suggestion . . .?”


“Join your hands around the world,

And look to the sky above.

Fill your minds with only peace

And fill your hearts with love!”


All the children around their homes,

In parks and public places.

Gathered in their multitude,

And prayed for Christmas graces!


Tis the time of miracles,

A time when prayers are heard.

Soon there was a mighty sneeze,

And lo our Vixon stirred!


Our hero soon was very well,

Because we all behaved!

Joy erupted everywhere,

Christmas had been saved!










The Present

The little boy woke that morning,

Santa had been and gone.

The rest of the house was starting to stir,

It wouldn’t be too long.


A steaming mug of lovely cocoa,

Warmed his chilly hands.

Anticipation tickled up his smile,

As he thought of other lands.


He thought of all the children,

Scattered around the earth.

Then thought of all his presents,

He wondered at their worth.


And in that moment, he understood,

What everyone should know.

Could he share this precious gift?

In words he could bestow?


Beneath the tree was a single gift,

A box with tattered wrapping.

And inside a single word,

That had the whole world clapping.


Do you choose to speak a word?

A single word to heal.

If we could say it all together,

And with honest zeal.


The present that we all do need,

The one that we must share,

Is one of love and peace and kindness,

To show we truly care.


Dusk to Dawn

A single line is breaking,

Across horizons far.

I know the world is changing,

But here is where you are.


Here a stand is taken,

A choice that I must render.

Do I turn my head away?

And really just surrender?


Or do I face the coming trials?

And battle to the end?

Evil I can overcome,

And then I will ascend!


Choices made, I take a breath,

Nagging sleep departed,

I throw the covers to the wind,

And say this day has started!


I heard a gentle whispering,

Coming from my brain.

I think it says I’m crazy,

Really, I’m not sane?


Why would I ever listen,

To the musings in my head?

It just goes a wandering,

And I’m left holding thread!


Yes, I know it’s bonkers,

My brain and I are one.

We share the same container,

And usually that is fun.


But there are times we disagree,

My brain, my mind and I.

When it becomes a battle,

And none will then comply.


We need to find a truce,

Where things are not so hazy.

So, we can always live in peace,

Because you see we’re crazy!




A Poem

I need to write a poem,

Where oh where to start?

Should it be of love,

Or perhaps a tasty tart?


I know what you are thinking,

I know it in my heart.

You think I’m talking pastries,

Or perhaps she’s à la cart!


If I have words I need to say,

It’s here I will impart.

But today I fear is different,

My words are not that smart.


My mind is on vacation,

I swear it did depart!

The vacancy that it left,

Is filled by one upstart!


I pray it won’t be long,

With this counterpart.

In just a day or two,

I’ll simply hit restart!

The Little Red Ball

A little red ball rolled next to me,

I wonder where it’s going?

It came from somewhere, I don’t know,

And seems as if it’s glowing!


I reached my hand to pick it up,

And then it seemed to move!

I took a fright and backed away,

The ball did not approve!


It bounced up thrice and turned around,

Then rolled towards me fast!

I tried to scream out in my fear,

But then the ball was past!


I shook my head the fear was gone,

But now I start to wonder?

Is there someone in control?

Or was it just a blunder?


It seemed intent as it rolled away,

As if it had a mission.

And there is me in hot pursuit

To know is my ambition.


Was it magic that sent that ball?

To make my spirits soar?

Laughter bursts between my lips,

I know I’m wanting more!


I look around with some dismay,

It seems the ball has gone.

But it left me feeling happy,

And joy to which I’m drawn.


I learned a lesson here this day,

Of marvels that abound.

All we have to do is look.

And wonders will be found

I Will Not Forget

A misty morning on a field of war,

A single poppy grew.

The soldier closed his eyes at last,

For death had come too soon.


He lay in peace upon the ground,

His rifle by his side.

Never more to see the dawn,

Or sunsets with his love.


A gentle rain came soon enough,

To wash away his tears.

But not in time to spare his life,

Taken by the war.


Others stood in place for him,

Men and women both.

Many paid the final price,

Exacted by the war.


I have not known that horror,

As I live a life of peace.

But always will I remember,

Those who went to war.


Above my heart, a poppy,

I wear it proud and true.

Thank you for your service,

As I remember you.