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Growing Older

I know I’m getting older,

I know I’m not a kid,

But please somebody tell me,

Where it’s all been hid?


My sights not 20/20,

My eyes are growing dim,

I saw a pretty lady once,

But it seems Her was a Him?


My abs have gone on Walk-About.

I think my hair has too.

I’d like to hope they will return,

But I really have no clue.


Twenty years has snuck away.

And I am wondering why.

Have I really just forgotten?

It makes me want to cry.


Really, I was always there,

I truly had a blast.

If memories are all that I have left,

At least it was my past.


Tales are told of a misspent youth

I cannot say there’re true

But when I’m old and cranky

Perhaps I’ll do it too!



The Zoo

Animals galore,

Abound in the zoo.

A weasel, a pigeon,

And a hippo or two.


There’s the shark in a frenzy,

So ready to bite.

And I saw penguin,

In a suit that was tight.


There are tigers uncaged,

Just roaming the streets!

And silly young monkeys,

That are looking for treats!


Some holiday cheer,

Abounds at the zoo.

They’re looking for animals,

They’re looking at you.


The cages are homes,

And jobs that we need,

The zoo doesn’t keep us,

And we need to feed.


Wants and desires,

Are what keep us locked in.

The way we move forward,

Sometimes it’s a sin.


We build the cages,

That lock us all in.

Freedom’s a myth,

That we fear we might win.


What animal are you,

As you journey through life?

Smile at the humour.

And challenge the strife!













A Journey

Would you like to walk with me?

Our voyage short or long.

Side-by-side together,

Nothing can go wrong.


Put your hand in mine,

As we journey on our way.

Never fear and don’t forget,

The things we see each day.


Our time may have it’s moments,

That cause us then to part.

Perhaps it’s not an ending,

But just a fresh new start!


Would you like to walk with me,

To see what is about?

Our time it will be glorious!

Of this I have no doubt.

Quite a Start

I thought I felt a hand,

Upon my shoulder rest.

I never would have thought . . .

Perhaps I should have guessed.


I turned to see this person,

Who quietly had approached.

I had in mind a word,

To be used as I reproached!


But then I had a feeling,

A joy within my heart.

No one was behind me,

That gave me quite a start!


Then I felt a presence,

It started with a hug.

Then I felt a blessing,

And my heart a little tug.


Just before me stood,

What I could not see.

But my soul knew differently,

It was the Holy Three.


I was in their arms,

Safe within their love.

They will always be,

A presence from above.


Give Thanks

Give thanks for the person,

You are here today.

Tomorrow is uncertain,

Next week is unclear.


Give thanks for the gifts,

That are given your way.

Remember your giving,

Should not be from fear.


Give thanks for the time,

you still have to stay.

Value your selves,

And keep your friends near.


Give of yourself,

In your own private away.

And there is your thanks,

On their faces so dear

Walk With Me

Would you like to walk with me?

The journey maybe long.

Side-by-side together,

Nothing can go wrong.


Put your hand in mine,

As we journey on our way.

Never fear and don’t forget,

The things we see each day.


Sometimes on a journey,

It causes us to part.

Perhaps it’s not an ending,

But just another start.


And then there’s things that happen,

To make us change our tune.

But with the bad there’s always good,

Let’s hope the best is soon.


The journey only lasts so long,

One day it all will end.

Between that time and what’s to come,

Best wishes I will send.


Perhaps in time we’ll meet again,

A friendship never dies.

Until that time, I’ll keep you close,

A smile will be my guise.

Recipe for Life

A dash of humour,

Is a spice I adore.

Curiosity of course,

Of that I want more.


Compassion and tolerance,

Are vital I trust.

To properly season,

This stew we discussed.


You’re not done yet,

There is still more to learn.

Keep stirring I pray,

And don’t let it burn!


Next add a pinch,

No more and no less.

Confidence is needed,

To this I confess.


Kindness goes in,

And generosity too.

We always need manners,

And not just a few!


Honour and honesty,

Are herbs for this pot.

Perhaps some wisdom,

I’m not asking a lot.


Next sprinkle the top,

With a generous amount.

A smile is important,

On that you can count.


Now let it simmer,

And cook all the way.

The ingredients must meld,

For many a day.


Too many cooks,

Can spoil a good broth.

So just let it bubble,

Away from the cloth.


The day will come soon,

When the recipe is done.

And serving the stew,

Is when life has begun.


Purple Shoes

I’ve loved the life I’ve lived,

And I hope I’ve lived it well.

I hope I’m going to heaven,

And not to live in hell!


I think that I’ve lived fully,

My memories are strong.

The fun I’ve had, the laughter,

I’m sure it wasn’t wrong.


They say I’m getting older,

My red hair’s going blonde.

I do not wish to say goodbye,

To the people I’ve grown fond.


One day the thing will happen,

That starts me on my way.

I’ll go the way directed,

If I really cannot stay.


But in the time that’s left to me,

I wish to do so much,

I’ll go, I’ll see, I’ll experience,

With just a silly touch.


The person that I am right now,

The wicked grin I choose.

Will show to you the truly me,

As I wear my purple shoes!

Unrequited Love

I see her from a far

And I love her.

I watch her sleep

And I want to

Nestle near.

Her lips part,

Warm sweet breath.

I gently touch her hand

And she dismisses me

With a flick of her wrist.

I weep in silence.

My eyes follow her,

I try to be near.

The wind blows cold

To keep us apart.

I strive to touch

Her glistening skin.

I cherish my love.

Our worlds

Are so different,

So alien.


There can be

No future

Between a woman

And a fly.

A Curious Child

A child once sat at her mother’s knee,

And asked that tales be told.

Of God and Jesus and Angels true,

A world she could behold.


A tender age, a tender mind,

She loved the tales of God.

A gentle Father to us all,

A Son who once was flawed.


The tales she heard so long ago,

They stayed within her heart.

And formed the woman she became,

I think she’s pretty smart.


The mother passed on to her rest,

The child grew up to be.

For you know, so long ago,

That curious child was me.