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The Question


I don’t know the question

But answers are all around

Everyone knows for sure

Absolutely this is true


I heard it from a cousin

Who’s nephew has friend

That is dating the individual

That it really happen to


Never mind the question

It isn’t quite germane

After all, the gossip

Is so much fun to hear


I’m sure there is a question

But it’s importance is in doubt

Answers aren’t enough you see

If the question is too dear


Are You an Advocate?


Do you live the truth

And not the lies

A life of hope

By one who tries?


Do you speak His word

With joy and love

Followed close

By those above?


Do you live

To be the one

Who shows by living

The way it’s done?


Do you know

With all your heart

This way is right

To be a part?


An advocate

Is what you are

Be proud to be

That rising star.


Live His word

And walk His path

Then never fear

To feel His wrath.



Hello! She said

Her smile intact

The world

A beautiful place.

No one answered

They turned away


All around.

Hello! She said

A hopeful grin

Trying to stay


A single child

Stopped and looked

Shy and tentative

He was.

Hello. She said

Her smile had dimmed

Wistful and


Hello? He asked

Unsure, afraid

Was anyone there

To hear.

Hello! She laughed

All was well

A single light

Broke forth.

Hello!! She shouted

The world to hear

A single voice

Did conquer!



ink sketch

I cannot remember

The things I have said,

The act of remembering

It feels me with dread!


I remember the past

As if I was there.

But what I’ve just eaten?

It’s really unfair!

People I’ve known,

For short or for long,

The names that they have

I’m afraid that they’re gone!


I want to remember,

I’m afraid to forget,

I feel I am losing,

Now that is a threat!


Time passes on

For thee and for me,

I’ll live in the moment

Until I am free!




A friend made a comment

She made it to me

You’re silly you know

My advice here is free


With joyous abandon

You live life to the full

It is said from the heart

I tell you no bull


With laughter galore

And a chuckle or two

You look for the best

In all around you


Each day with a smile

You greet every dawn

With honour a suit

Each day you put on


Life is a journey

You share with the best

Our days may be numbered

So we’re on a quest


Be kind to each other

Is the quote for the day

And live every moment

As we all join the fray

I Will Remember


Memories are fleeting

As time takes a beating

Soon lost to the world

They will be

The sights I have seen

The places I’ve been

Who will remember

Them now

This instant in time

Is where we will shine

The strength of our light

Is still strong

Remember or not

The things we have got

Our time here simply

Was brilliant

As millennium pass by

In the blink of an eye

I will remember

Until I am gone.

The ether up top

Is where we will stop

Together we become

As the wind

A Political Statement



A political statement

Needs to be heard

By people who matter

Not lines that are blurred


Trust is an issue

And what’s good for us all

Not perks for a few

And the rest to the wall


I want to feel safe

And valued as one

Not facing the barrel

Of an anger fuelled gun


Why is the question

So hard to discern ?

Speak from the heart

With a voice of concern


Lives are what matter

We all are as one

That is the day when

We will have won


You are important

And I am as well

That’s the first step

The hate we must quell


This fight must be forward

Our world is being slammed

No arguments between us

Politics be damned!



A Forest Life




A songbird sings

A haunting tale

Of love and loss

And hope.


A deer finds comfort

Amongst the trees

Its graceful body

At rest.


The squirrel

The hoarder

With nuts stacked high

Winter’s feast.


The mole digs deep

The ground so soft

It serves to hide

And sleep.


The wolves are here

The prey’s afraid

Cycle of life

Lives on.


Where do those

Who we call human

Have the right

To be?

Animal Crime?


Discriminately speaking

Said the possum from bed,

There’s a fly on the wall

And I think that’s he’s dead!


How can I sleep

Surrounded by crime?

Murder and mayhem

Time after time!


There’s much to be done

To save all our lives.

But first clean the wall

It’s giving me hives!


Doctor, oh Doctor

Have you got a cure?

Things are not right

Of this I am sure.


There’s a wolf at my door

And he wants to get in!

He wants me for dinner

His cooking’s a sin!


Now the rabbits are fine,

Not a hair out of place.

Which makes me suspicious

I think there’s a case.


Fraud and deceit

They play all the time.

I don’t trust the cuteness

I think it’s a crime.


How weary my soul,

With this evil about.

I’ll just go back to sleep,

And cover my snout!





Outta Sight!



I heard the word

That poems are sad

And some surely are

But not all I am glad


Some have a twist

A surprise I would say

Those are the ones

That so make my day


Playing with words

Should really be fun

A laugh or a chuckle

Would not be undone


So give it a shot

But try to be bright

I’d just love to say

That’s outta sight!