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I plan to misbehave

And do the things I shouldn’t

All because of Them

Who told me that I couldn’t


For all those years I was my best

And did as I was asked

Now’s the time to have some fun

I have become unmasked


Lights left on in empty rooms

A burner far too big

I even said a word out loud

My Mom would flip her wig


Evil deeds will be the norm

I left my door unlocked

I’ve changed my path from good to bad

I fear I’ll be defrocked!


People now will curse my name

Those who cared will weep

Misbehaving’s hard to do

I think it’s back to sleep


Perhaps another day I’ll try

To throw away my chains

Until that time I’ll rest with ease

And count my many gains


The Battle


Greed and Hate took a walk one dawn

To see what they could see

Imagine their surprise that day

When they ran into me!


“Go away!” I said to them,

“Your presence here is wrong!”

They smiled that smile that said it all

That said: “we do belong”.


I held my ground and cried for help.

I called the best I could.

There was an answer to my plea.

And those that came were Good.


Compassion showed and Love as well,

But Tolerance led the charge.

Hope took part and Kindness too,

And Confidence was large.


It took us all together,

To banish those with Greed.

This battle fought is never done,

When Evil’s what you feed.

A Serious Thought


A serious thought

Popped into my head

It seems there was trouble

With a word that I said.


I cannot remember

The word that I used

But my brain is insisting

That my ego is bruised.


My feelings chimed in

They felt it was wrong

The word that I used

Belonged in a song.


Confusion’s set in

We’re all in a flux

The bits that are me

Think everything sucks!


I need calm in this place

That I call my head

Relax and shut up

I know what I said!


I lied to them all

I needed some peace

It is sleep I require

As the voices decrease.


Have you ever surmised

About the noise in your head

They’re loud all our lives

Until we are dead








I welcome the gang

When we all work as one

But then there are days

When I am seriously done!

Angel’s Tears


A lonely child by the window sat,

And watched the rain fall down.

Rivulets formed on the glassy panes.

The drops a diamond crown.


A mother tried to soothe her child,

And told a story from long ago

About an angel lost in heaven

Who had no where to go.


Hid amongst the clouds so high

She feared the face of God

But He knew and He is kind

He cleared her celestial fog


“Fear not child, my love is true”

Came a gentle voice

”I’ll always be beside you

If that would be your choice.”


The frightened angel dried her tears,

And took the outstretched hand.

“Forgive me please my dearest Lord,

I did not understand.”


But still sometimes the tears do fall.

It’s a difficult path to keep.

Fear and sorrow overcome,

And then the angels weep.


So next you see a peaceful rain

Remember well this tale

Never fear the face of God

He will not let you fail

Big G and L’il J


The Big G had a notion

He thought that we should pray

So He sent his Son to earth

To teach us in His way.


Jesus was the Son of God

And to this day He lives

Just the same as long ago

Every day He gives.


Good and evil do exist

The choice is ours to make

If we have learned what we were taught

We know just what’s at stake.


Our soul within us burns so bright

Its light cannot be thinned

Unless of course our choice to make

Is one in which we’ve sinned.


So every morning greet the day

With eyes so wide and bright

Give of yourself and to each other

You know this way is right.



Alone on the street

In the cold and the rain

A gentle soul lay hidden

Scurrying shoppers

Intent on a sale

Worry about their lives

Busy at work

Deadlines to meet

Focused on the job

A moment in time

Is all that it takes

To notice what is there

We are never alone

If we believe

To Him we are not


The Empty Chair


An empty chair beside his bed

An old man lay alone

He thought of all that he had done

And how he could atone


He did not know the words to use

To speak to God above

A Priest once said you only need

To speak your words with love


Place a chair beside your bed

And Christ will sit with you

Never fear, He knows your truth

He knows just what to do


Every night the man did try

To speak to Him above

He spoke his truths and his woes

He spoke it all with love


The chair beside him spoke one night

And asked if it was time

Come with me and be at peace

Together we will climb


To heights untold where angles sing

My Fathers waits with pride

Hold my hand and we will fly

The world will have to bide


The sun did rise to greet the day

And our hero breathed his last

Content of heart and smiling lips

He took the hand as asked

Swaddling Clothes


So long ago a child was born

In swaddling clothes He lay

Sheep and cattle gathered near

And wise men kneeled to pray


As time went by upon the earth

This child had years to grow

Once He sought a temple’s scribes

To tell them what to know


The Son did speak His Father’s words

Of love and trust and truth

Others must be taught to know

The principles of this youth


He lived His life each every day

By the tenets of which he spoke

They form the basis of our lives

As one we must invoke


So long ago a man did die

In swaddling clothes he lay

He gave His life for all of us

And now it’s time to pray


Little Boats


I wonder what tales

These little boats could tell,

Of catches lost and fishes caught,

And waves that rose and fell.


They ply the waters near and far

Above the murky deep

The sounds of mermaids on the wind

That echo while they sleep


The dolphins play as whales swim by

The sailors watch at ease

It’s cod and herring that bring them out

To brave the chilly breeze


They know the dangers when at sea

The wind beneath their sails

Storms and creatures of the deep

So scary are the tales


But never fear, they’ll keep you safe

The little boats believe

You are in their hands to keep

They never will deceive


The years at sea have done their toll

Their lives have now been spent

They pass the torch on to another

It’s time to now repent


Remember well the little boats

Who plied the waters deep

Theirs was but a moment here

Now fathoms down they sleep