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The Cabal


The dishwasher whispered

To the toaster one day

There’s crumbs in my workings

In an irritating way


The toaster responded

With a mouth full of bread

The faults not my own

It’s the humans I said


The kettle then screamed

My ass it’s a glow!

Stop bickering this minute

My lid’s gonna blow!


The oven just smiled

A long gentle burn

He knew what was coming

He’d just wait his turn


Then a cold laden breeze

Filled the room with despair

With the fridge door ajar

They knew who was there


“Breakfast is ready”

Came the bone chilling call

And the hoards then descended

On the appliances cabal

My Own Song


I’m singing my own song

And I’m writing it too

Sometimes I’m brilliant

And sometimes it’s poo


I don’t care for noise

But the sound of a song

Country, pop or jazz

It just can’t be wrong


Classical notes form

A bridge for the ear

All other music

Began I think here


The song I am writing

Is dear to my heart

It helps me to focus

And where next to start


My past in a word

It simply was great

Love and adventure

Full was my slate


My song is not finished

I have years still to write

Experiences to live

The future is bright!

Sorry God!


My Mother never left me

Those many years ago

With my Father by her side

She’s watching Heaven grow.


I know she thinks St Peter

Should polish up his act

Those politicians he let in

Really should go back.


Angel’s wings are handed out

To the many and the few

But really those deserving

Don’t get the all they’re due.


Heaven is a place

Of peace and gentle love

There my parents rest you see

To give blessings from above.


Time will come I know it

When Mom will run the show

God has done a bang up job

But Mother’s make it grow!




Welcome! Come in!

Please stay for a while

Join us in fellowship here.


Sit back and relax

As I tell you a tale

A story from so long ago.


A child once was born

Of humble beginnings

In time the babe was a boy.


Laughing and crying

And skinned knees I am sure

Then one day He stood as a man.


The times they were hard

And the people were cruel

But our Hero spoke only with love.


He wandered the hills

Sharing his message

He asked only that we believe.


Some trusted His word

And followed His path

But others knew only fear.


Today we say grace

And honour the man

Sharing as He taught us to do.


Welcome! Come in!

Please stay for a while

Join us in fellowship here.



Snowflakes are falling

A gentle whisper they make

Their silence is golden

But we must awake


They cover our world

In a blanket of snow

It’s just like a river

With a meandering flow


Ugly is hidden

Only beauty remains

But then there’s a issue

Your car may need chains


The shovel is near

With your name on the grip

The sidewalk is waiting

You don’t want to trip


Bend with your knees

You know how it’s done

Take time to remember

Those days in the sun


The chill holds your bones

In an icy deep blast

With fear in your heart

You know more is forecast!



Every day’s a new day

With the Lord at my side

His tenets are true

And with them I’ll bide


I’ll walk on His path

That He laid out for me

With love in my heart

I’ll always be free


The Lord is my Shepherd

And I am his flock

He whispers to me

And of Him I’ll talk


Please take my hand

The journey is long

He will be with us

And together we’re strong



And so it begins

The year still is new

Let’s hope for the best

And not just to make do,


Treat others with love

Use compassion to judge

Deep held opinions

I know will not budge.


But keep pressing away

It’s all for the good

Together as one

We can do all that we should.


So today is a start

The first step towards peace

False starts in the past

Should not make us cease.


I believe in us all

I believe we can win

Together as one

We must simply begin.

Your Christmas Tree


What will you find

Underneath your tree?

Will there be presents

For you and for me?


Will there be games

Or a train set for you?

Did you speak to Santa

So he knows what to do?


I wished and I prayed

That Joy would be there

Nestled beneath

The world would be fair.


The morning was bright

The tree stood up tall

And just below its branches

Was Peace for us all!

A Place in Heaven

One’s place in Heaven

Is never assured.

But your place above

It could be secured.


Live a good life

As much as you are able,

Be generous of spirit

It helps to be stable.


Commandments were written

As a recipe of sorts

A path you can follow

You and your cohorts.


I pray I’ll be waiting

When you time is near

And together we’ll journey

All without fear.


Heaven is waiting

For all to attend

Do unto others

And we will ascend.

A Single Glass of Water

Oceans are deep

And rivers are fast

Water has power

The dye then is cast.


No life could exist

No land would be shaped

Through use of that liquid

Our world is landscaped.


We drink it and bathe

Even play on its back

We hide from its power

It takes quite a knack.


Sit back and give thanks

For that drink in your hand

The cells of all life

Through water is planned.