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A Forest Life




A songbird sings

A haunting tale

Of love and loss

And hope.


A deer finds comfort

Amongst the trees

Its graceful body

At rest.


The squirrel

The hoarder

With nuts stacked high

Winter’s feast.


The mole digs deep

The ground so soft

It serves to hide

And sleep.


The wolves are here

The prey’s afraid

Cycle of life

Lives on.


Where do those

Who we call human

Have the right

To be?

Animal Crime?


Discriminately speaking

Said the possum from bed,

There’s a fly on the wall

And I think that’s he’s dead!


How can I sleep

Surrounded by crime?

Murder and mayhem

Time after time!


There’s much to be done

To save all our lives.

But first clean the wall

It’s giving me hives!


Doctor, oh Doctor

Have you got a cure?

Things are not right

Of this I am sure.


There’s a wolf at my door

And he wants to get in!

He wants me for dinner

His cooking’s a sin!


Now the rabbits are fine,

Not a hair out of place.

Which makes me suspicious

I think there’s a case.


Fraud and deceit

They play all the time.

I don’t trust the cuteness

I think it’s a crime.


How weary my soul,

With this evil about.

I’ll just go back to sleep,

And cover my snout!





Outta Sight!



I heard the word

That poems are sad

And some surely are

But not all I am glad


Some have a twist

A surprise I would say

Those are the ones

That so make my day


Playing with words

Should really be fun

A laugh or a chuckle

Would not be undone


So give it a shot

But try to be bright

I’d just love to say

That’s outta sight!

Chaff On The Wind


Like chaff we separate

Riding the the wind

Searching our way

Some moving forward

Some step to the left

Questions unanswered

Perhaps for the best

I wonder sometimes

If I’ve wandered astray

The path is unmarked

No directions in sight

Could being lost

Be the way to

move forward

Could being lost

Be the way to be found

My mind is a whirl

I cannot make sense

But that in itself

May be the grounding

I need

Always remember

The part you must play

The story is yours

The hero you are


Lost in the Words


I am losing my mind

As I’m drowning in verbs

The nouns are revolting

And hiding in herds


A preposition approached me

It was listless and drawn

Next was a conjunction

Looking ready to spawn


Adjectives are losing face

They really want to leave

But near at hand I think I see

The pronouns holding strong


Now I think a peace is needed

An interjection of a kind

All together fight as one

With an adverb so aligned

Angst is the Word

The notes I had made

They seem to have fled

I’m left at a loss

And filled now with dread


Once every week

Was the goal I had set

It worked for awhile

And then came a threat


The words I had written

Got lost in the mess

My home is in flux

And I’m full of stress


When order once more

Is the word of the day

And writing is easier

I’ll then have my way


Forgive me my rant

I just needed to vent

I’m feeling much better

My angst has been spent



Furl your sails and sit awhile

As a misty breeze wafts by

I nod my head and smile a bit

Your company’s worth the wait

In gentle silence we muse creation

And while away the hours

Companions for a moment

We keep the world bay


To soon the cracks will show

And others will want in


Cherish these few moments

As life begins anew



Gardening Tool


I’ve been tasked

To find a word

To set it down

To make it heard


It feeds the roots

And makes them grow

What is that word?

I swear I know!


Bountiful growth

Blooms so rich

Strength and harmony

A gardening niche


The soil is ready

But it need more

A boost, a lift

You can’t ignore


The noxious stuff

That feeds with grit

Is called a name

I should omit


Manure, compost

Peat and stuff

If you don’t use it

There’ll not be enough


Who Shall I Kill Next?



Betty sipped her coffee hot

And watched the scene below

It was a busy market day

And the crowd was all aglow.

Children were laughing and running

Between the shopping stalls.

Mothers with prams were trying

To manoeuvre makeshift walls

Nearby long-suffering fathers

Were trying to look so cool.

Or at the very least

Not appear the fool.

Betty could see the thieves

Trying to work the crowd

They tried to be unnoticed

Their work was not allowed

Then the Ladies of the Night

Came looking for a score

It looked like easy pickings

As they peaked around a door

Now Betty had a code

That she followed to a T

She could not bring herself

To hurt a child you see

So she would stay away

From the mothers that were there

The fathers on the other hand

Who said life was fair

Though it might be easy.

But it really was a thought.

Men could be the target

She wondered if she ought

She was getting bored.

Somebody had to die.

Should they be deserving

or one who caught her eye


The sun was setting for the night

Soon the light would dim

Work was needed to be done

It’s not a silly whim

She heaved a sigh, and flexed her arms

And prepared to take a life.

Perhaps she’d use some poison

Or perhaps just with a knife . . .

. . . Chapter One . . .

A Walk


I’m taking my bumblebee for a walk

He likes to drink you see

Floral syrup is his brew

He gets it all for free!


I’m taking my Robin for a walk

He flies from tree to tree

It’s hard for me to keep abreast

When Robin’s on a spree


I’m taking my butterfly for a walk

He likes to drink each day

Nectar is his beverage

A sip and he’s on his way


I love to walk with all my friends

They have so much to say

If only I could understand

Then maybe they would stay