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A Seed Sown

A mighty oak

From a single seed grows

Strength and endurance

That everyone knows


But what of the seed

That lands on a stone

No earth for to grow

Forgotten alone

It struggles to live

It battles the odds

But will is the difference

A gift from the gods


It may never become

A mighty great tree

But it will touch the strangers

When in passing they see


Determined to live

For long or for short

Irrelevant time

Enough to cavort


I was the one

I stopped and I saw

Tenacity and drive

It left me in awe

The lesson is learned

No need to grieve

The time will be joyous

If you just believe

A Revelation



Plant a seed

And watch it grow

This is fun

Don’t ya know?


Water a little

No just a drop

Too many drinks

And honey will rot!


Now sun is a question

Too much is too bad

But too little is also

A little too sad.


Our junior can grow

If handled with care

But next mind your manners

Plants may be aware.


Imagine the thought

Of flowers taking notes

That’s us in the raw

Just sowing their oats!


The zombie apocalypse

Has people afraid

But look to your Ivies

Their plans are well laid.