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I have never considered myself ‘fashionable’ and I’m sure no one else did either. I was always appropriately dressed. No ‘bits’ showing.  Nothing to cause small children to have nightmares.  My office “uniform” consisted of an appropriate length skirt or dress, 1 ½ inch shoes, blouse and jacket, a little jewelry, minimal make-up, perhaps a scarf.  I never wore pants.  Boring perhaps but I felt in control and I was comfortable.

My clothing away from work was equally conservative: jeans, shirt, boots . . . nothing earth shattering but I was clean.  Now the rules seem to have changed.  Almost anything is acceptable.  We seemed to have passed through the phase where young men wore their pants so low you could see the colour of their underwear. As for the ‘plumber’s crack’? More than once I was regaled with that as well. And as for the young women? Shirts were cropped so their belly buttons showed, often with a jewel attached to the middle of it. Their pants were also a little low and I must admit very few of them could pull it off. But that was considered fashionable.

The other day I was rolling down the sidewalk and stopped for a light to change. A young woman was standing in front of me and I couldn’t help but be aware of what she was wearing. Tights. When I was a kid, we wore tights under our clothes to keep warm in the wintertime. Think of them as heavy pantyhose. Nowadays they are being worn as if they were pants. I could see the colour of her underwear through them! They were white. What are people thinking?

I know clothes are a statement.  They allow individuals to express themselves to the world. I respect that. I like to see people thinking for themselves, being an individual. And then I look at magazines. I’m sure YouTube has a lot to do with it as well, social media has great power. They’re like lemmings following each other. I don’t see uniqueness I see conformity.  A few people at the top of the fashion tree make decisions, multibillion-dollar decisions and the world complies. Sigh.

I remember shoulder pads and fanny packs. I remember platform shoes and Shag haircuts.  Yes, I am THAT old.  Hahaha! Some of those were great and others, not so much.  Each generation has their trademark fashion item.  The individuality only seems to happen within the confines of that trend. But to the individuals who stray from the path and think for themselves: keep it clean! Mothers are watching.

What did I forget?


I know what I remember

It says so on this card

That really is quite easy

The other stuff is hard!


There is a moon round Jupiter

Or maybe that’s the sun

You see I can’t remember

I wonder what I’ve done!


Years ago I knew the truth

The reasons they put forth

Now the problem surely is

My thinking has gone north!


Silly me that phrase is wrong

It really should be south

I hear the stuff that’s spoken

All by word of mouth!


Now I wonder what I meant

What I had to say

It all is going sideways

It seems to every day!


The things that I remember

Are written on a card

It makes my life so easy

When others find it hard!



We make them. Every day. Hundreds of them. And those choices dictate the path we take through our lives. But do you ever wonder “what if”?  What if you turned left instead of right on your way to work? What if you stop to chat with that attractive barista? What if you bought those beautiful new shoes that you really didn’t need but they were so pretty? What if?

Ask the person who stopped to pick up cold medicine and was late to work on 9/11. Ask the person who hit the snooze button on their alarm one too many times and missed their flight, that later crashed. Ask the woman that was once a barista that you stopped talk to. Choices.

How do you know you’re making the right choice? Quite frankly I think it’s a crapshoot! Or perhaps it’s the hand of God. The hand of Fate? Every choice we make, every one, has a domino effect. You turn right instead of left and take the long way home. In the mean time you missed an accident on your old route. It’s possible you could’ve been in it. You drive by a group of kids and they like the car you’re driving. For the first time one of them thinks about being a mechanic to work on beautiful cars. 20 years later he owns a string of shops that specialize in high-end cars and he has a very healthy bank account, a wife and three kids. All because you turned right?

Sometimes it’s good to do the unexpected. Sometimes it’s good to turn right instead of left. Do something you’ve never done before. Take a road you’ve never traveled, just to see. I took a road I had never traveled before and I met some incredible people. People that have inspired me into going in a different direction, to try new things. Perhaps they awakened a part of me I didn’t know was asleep. And for more than six years I have been enjoying this little blog of mine.  All because I turned left.