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Daily Quip

Just because something is hard to do, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.


The Swallow


Swiftly the swallow

Flies through the air

He’s looking for bugs

With nary a care


A flip to the right

Next diving straight down

His lunch is still free

But soon it’ll drown


A tasty repast

Is it’s fate in this life

I guess that’s the reason

There’s never a wife


They breed in the billions

This fast moving fuel

They power the world

For our aerial jewel


Lunch is in sight

For our hero aloft

A feather away

He’s not getting soft


I wonder what goes

Through the head of a bug

As he passes the lips

Of our swallow’s wee mug


Life will continue

In the air, land and sea

And all of it’s creatures

Will continue to be

I am Canadian

Well, yes I am. I was going to write about how proud I am to be a Canadian and to live in Canada. I see these travel shows about the exotic places in the world and I thought about what we have here. We are surrounded by three oceans, we have mountains and valleys and lots and lots of water. More than 50% of the world’s fresh water lakes are within our borders. That’s awesome! We have the highest tides in the world. And the best poutine.

I could probably go on and wax philosophical about the inventions Canadians are credited for: light bulbs and zippers, pablum and insulin. And the people that the world loves: Jim Carey, Mike Myers, Donald Sutherland . . .the list is quite extensive. And then, in true Canadian fashion it hit me. I was bragging.

My mother raised me to be a good girl. Mostly. I think Canadians should brag, a little. But we should also be aware of our failings. We’re not perfect. We have a history that we are not always proud of. We mistreated our native peoples. In many ways we still do. But we are trying to change. Our beautiful oceans are not as clean as they should be. We need to take responsibility for them. We are trying.

Our flora and fauna, that is in some cases found only here, don’t always get the recognition and protection they need to continue. Perhaps it’s because we don’t want the rest of the world to know we’re not perfect or because we are ashamed. We don’t need to be ashamed, we just need to fix what is broken and to protect what is not. But isn’t that the same the entire world over?

Canada truly is a beautiful country. And we are a good people, mostly. We seem to spend a lot of time apologizing for a few of us.

I Will Remember


Memories are fleeting

As time takes a beating

Soon lost to the world

They will be

The sights I have seen

The places I’ve been

Who will remember

Them now

This instant in time

Is where we will shine

The strength of our light

Is still strong

Remember or not

The things we have got

Our time here simply

Was brilliant

As millennium pass by

In the blink of an eye

I will remember

Until I am gone.

The ether up top

Is where we will stop

Together we become

As the wind