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Men created, women perfected

IMG_0195  Lots and lots of pashminas


Recently I went to an event that was honoring someone.  There were many people there that I knew and quite a few that I did not.  I was introduced to a woman by a mutual friend and she, by her mere presence, made me start to think.

She was an attractive woman beautifully dressed.  The one item that she wore that made me think was her scarf.  It was a beautiful decorative scarf of blue and white and pink.  She noticed my interest and we started a conversation.

Did you know that scarves have been around since the time of the ancient Romans?  Originally they were worn by men and used to wipe the sweat from their brow.  Like so many things through the ages women eventually figured it out and perfected the wearing of the scarves.

Scarves are incredibly versatile.  They can elevate an outfit from good to great.  They can wipe a sweaty brow or dab at tears.  They come in all shapes and sizes and materials.  Fighter pilots used to wear silk scarves to keep their necks warm while they were flying above the war.  Scarves made of wool are very popular if you live in cold climates.  A good size scarf can be used to swaddle an infant in a pinch.  They can be used to stop the flow of blood or as a handy garrote should the need arise.  There was a time when women everywhere wore scarves.  Now it appears to be quite rare.  Men wear mostly ties now instead of scarves but that is how it all began.

When I was working I wore a scarf almost every day, it was the finishing touch to my outfit.  Now I usually wear pashminas.  Yes they keep my neck warm and yes they are decorative.  But mostly they’re just really cool!