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We make them. Every day. Hundreds of them. And those choices dictate the path we take through our lives. But do you ever wonder “what if”?  What if you turned left instead of right on your way to work? What if you stop to chat with that attractive barista? What if you bought those beautiful new shoes that you really didn’t need but they were so pretty? What if?

Ask the person who stopped to pick up cold medicine and was late to work on 9/11. Ask the person who hit the snooze button on their alarm one too many times and missed their flight, that later crashed. Ask the woman that was once a barista that you stopped talk to. Choices.

How do you know you’re making the right choice? Quite frankly I think it’s a crapshoot! Or perhaps it’s the hand of God. The hand of Fate? Every choice we make, every one, has a domino effect. You turn right instead of left and take the long way home. In the mean time you missed an accident on your old route. It’s possible you could’ve been in it. You drive by a group of kids and they like the car you’re driving. For the first time one of them thinks about being a mechanic to work on beautiful cars. 20 years later he owns a string of shops that specialize in high-end cars and he has a very healthy bank account, a wife and three kids. All because you turned right?

Sometimes it’s good to do the unexpected. Sometimes it’s good to turn right instead of left. Do something you’ve never done before. Take a road you’ve never traveled, just to see. I took a road I had never traveled before and I met some incredible people. People that have inspired me into going in a different direction, to try new things. Perhaps they awakened a part of me I didn’t know was asleep. And for more than six years I have been enjoying this little blog of mine.  All because I turned left.

A House in the Forest


There’s a house in the forest

That’s hidden from view.

Wait I can see it!

I can see it, can’t you?

Behind the closed door

Are secrets untold.

Do you want to go see?

Let’s dare to be bold!

The secrets for telling,

The fun we could gain!

But other’s distress,

In some cases pain.

I think we should stop,

It’s the right thing to do.

The house in the forest

Stays hidden from view.

Ah, Hell!

This past week, in my neck of the woods, has been hot. Hot! Hot! Hot! Now I am sure there’re other parts of the world where this is simply another day. But not here. Canada is known for its cold not its hot! There are a great many people here that love this weather:  hot, hazy, humid. I’m not one of them. Last night at about 6 o’clock the temperature felt like 41°C that’s 105.8F.  That’s hot!

I made an off-the-cuff comment to a friend of mine that I didn’t like the heat and I had better behave because I wouldn’t do well in Hell.  We laughed and I said I simply wouldn’t go. And then I started to think . . .

Hell is a concept that was used to frighten children into behaving and to coerce adults into being better versions of themselves. But that concept came from religion. If there is a God there must be a Devil.  If you believe it one, you must believe in the other. Ying and Yang, light and dark, the world in balance. It also dawned on me that Hell as a concept would have different meanings to different people. An entomologist would be fascinated to be surrounded by bugs. Someone with a phobia would not. One Heaven, one Hell? Some people bask in the heat, some people wither and die.

My idea of torture is being locked in a room somewhere without something to read. It has happened and I swear I went a little mad. Which could go a long way to explaining some things. I’m just saying. But let’s be serious, the idea of Hell crosses all religious borders. It isn’t always a place of torture sometimes it’s just a place to store the dead. Somewhere else. The underworld. But it seems that no matter what you believe in, there seems to be a correlation between Heaven and Hell. So does that mean we’re more alike than different?

There is also an argument to be made that we make our own Heaven and Hell right here. That doesn’t detract from the concept of an afterlife but it simply entices us to take control of our lives and make it better or in some cases continue wallowing in misery. That is one hell of a power!