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Semper Fidelis

A few days ago I opened my blog to a wonderful surprise.  I had been nominated for an award!  In the past I’ve been nominated a few times and trust me I am truly honoured that anyone would think my work was worthy of an award but the requirements that come with them are, I’m afraid, more than I can handle.  This person would not accept that.  He felt that regardless of my inabilities to fulfill the requirements I should still accept the award and forget the rest.  This blogger is someone I have followed for a while and I thoroughly enjoy what he has to say.  He puts a smile on my face and sometimes makes me think a little harder about things.   Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate is his name and   http://dshenai.wordpress.com   is his blog.  The award is called Semper Fidelis Award and it is to “highlight outstanding bloggers who are excellent examples of trust, faithfulness and loyalty”.  These are heady words and I am honored by the nomination.


It has also made me think about this community of bloggers, this family of individuals that I have joined.  People whose blogs I read on a regular basis are insightful, inspiring and uplifting.  My day doesn’t start until I spend an hour reading their words.  These people are from all walks of life and from many different countries, different cultures.  And yet we are a family.  In the truest sense of that word we support each other and we rail together at injustices.  We understand issues and work through our confusion together.


To say that I am thrilled that someone would even consider putting my name forward for this award is an understatement.  Deo has always said the nicest things in his comments on my posts even when I was unsure of myself and my words.  And he isn’t the only one.  I started blogging because I needed to do something to expel the energy that was flowing from my fingertips.  My brother and sister suggested I start expanding my readership through a blog.  I thought I would do it for a few months, half a dozen people would read it and then I would give it up.  I can no longer imagine doing that.  I can’t imagine not spending time reading about your worlds through your words.  I learn, I commiserate, I laugh, I cry.  My world has expanded and I’m a much better person since having met all of you.  Thank you Deo and thank you to all of you who read my blog.  The world is ours to explore and we will do it together.


One more thing, visit Deo at http://dshenai.wordpress.com  and see for yourself just how wonderful a blog he writes!