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Daily Quip

A simple smile might not change the world but it could start the process.




A child sleeps softly

Her dreams intact

Tragedy and fear

Just a whisper away.


But darkness embraces

This small little soul

It hides her, protects her

Keeps monsters away.


Too soon there is dawn

And the new light of day

The sleeping child wakes

To a world far away.


We owe this young one

A life of her own

Filled with the wonders

Not far away


We work and we pray

Please Lord make it so

A beautiful new world

Please show us the way

Looking Back

We are all in a room

Our heads bent in prayer

Giving our thanks

For the things that we share


God is our focus

His works and his word

Depths of His meaning

And all we have heard


We get strength from each other

In this place where we are

Every day, every way

We are travelling far


We wander His words

And learn all His teaching

The roads we are taking

Are because of His preaching


My Lord is my Shepard

I shall never lack

For His sake alone

I’ll never look back



Give Me Strength


Lord give me strength

Don’t leave me alone

I’m waiting for signs

I’m right by the phone.


I think I am good

I do as I’m told

That bit with the baker

Just means I’m not old.


I know what you think

I should not have said

But seriously Lord

I just wanted bread.


Not one of the 10

Have I seriously broken

But in moments of stress

Number three have I spoken.


One is intact and 5 is a given

I try number 4 each Sunday I do

But sleep is the devil

If only you knew.


My Lord is my Saviour

He waits by my side

When shopping for shoes

I swear He does hide!


Each morning and night

I kneel down in prayer

I say all the words

You taught me to share.


But now is the time

Dear Lord that I ask

Forgiveness in truth

For a despicable task.


My last nerve did he break

And I killed without thought

That mosquito is dead

Your words I forgot.


Stop laughing Dear Lord

There’s a mess on my floor

Your mask it is slipping

And I think that you swore!

Does God have a sense of humour?

Well, if you have paid any attention to Robin William’s stand-up comedy routines, then you know the answer is yes. By way of an explanation, he uses the platypus. It is a mammal that lays eggs, has a duck-like bill, an otter-like coat, a beaver tail and webbed feet. The male also has spurs on his hind feet with enough venom to cause severe pain, just like snakes. And they are incredibly cute! Seriously cute and seriously funny.

Whether or not you believe in a Deity of any name you have to admit He is everywhere. Check your money, He is there. His name is used in moments of peace through prayer, in moments of high stress, or ecstasy, He is there. And look around our world. There is great sadness, great tragedy and there is also great humour. He is there.

When I was a child we went to church every Sunday. I would wear white gloves and a hat and my Sunday Go-To-Meeting clothes . It was a solemn affair. There was no laughter, no hijinks and we spoke in whispers. We had to be respectful. So of course I grew up believing that God was this solemn old dude. As I grew older I formed different opinions. I could not believe that Jesus, in his 30+ of years of life, never cracked a smile or had a good belly laugh. Yes, the time he lived in was difficult but there’s always room for a little laughter.

If we are made in the image of God then, if we have the capacity for humour it must have come from Him. It stands to reason. The God I believe in has the capacity for laughter because I do. We all do. He also has the capacity for great compassion and that is something we need to work on.

Let’s face it, if there is no laughter in Heaven, then I consider that Hell. I have spent my life finding the humour in things, even when things weren’t funny. (Mostly appropriately) It is also necessary to learn about timing. It is terribly inappropriate to laugh at a tragedy. But sometimes out of that tragedy we will learn to see the funny side of things. There was laughter at my Father’s funeral as we remembered the man who loved a good laugh. Sometimes that laughter hides the pain and sorrow that we are not quite ready to share. And it is so much more valuable when it is shared.

Today however our youth speak differently than we did. By ‘we’ I mean people who are over 40! Walking down the street you hear people say OMG and LOL. It took me a while to realize they were saying Oh My God and Laugh Out Loud. Sometimes I feel so old. But this is a new way of speaking. Everything is compressed to a letter or a group of letters. I have yet to hear Him referred to as the Big G, with Lil J and the HG, but I guess it’s coming. If He doesn’t have a sense of humour then we could really be in trouble!