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The Voice of Christ


I heard the voice of Christ

Whispered on the wind.

He knows what I am thinking

He knows that I have sinned.


He speaks to me in dreams

His message oh so clear,

Live my life according

To the tenets He holds dear.


To speak His words to others

Is just and clear and true,

But live each day by His word

That’s the thing to do.



He bore the cross

To pay for our sins

And what have we

Done since then?

We covet and kill

And pray to another

In the temple of money

We kneel!

But hope is not lost

He still believes

In the people we

Could become.

Ask for the sight

To see what is true

And pray that our God

Is forgiving.

The Shadows

We walk in His shadow

We live by His word

My life is a journey

With psalms I have heard.


A whispering call

Heard deep in the night

The hairs on my neck

Told me something’s not right!


No one is there

I am completely alone

But I hear a voice

With an ominous tone . . .


I hear it so close

The intention is clear

My heart’s in my throat

I am so full of fear!


Ghosts walk at night

The danger is real

As I draw my last breath

I suddenly feel . . .


A hand slipped in mine

He’s holding me tight

He’ll never let go

He makes everything right.


I walk in His shadow

As He stands next to me

My Lord is my shepherd

I am forever free.