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Daily Quip

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.


Flipping the Word


You’re entitled

To the words that are yours

They’re there with their letters

To play with their betters.


Where else would you find

A place you could wear

The wings of a bird

At the drop of a word.


I know you are thinking

No way she is right

As she writes a new word

whose meaning is blurred


Of course she is coarse

The way she relates

Perhaps if she was here

She could hear what I fear


Then peace would prevail

In my piece of the world.

Raise a glass to the sun

Cuz this jaunt is done!

An Art Show!

I am having another Art Show with two friends this May.  Don’t worry, it is after the long weekend!

If you are in the neighbourhood, I would love you to take a look at my paintings.

All are welcome,  Pamela 


Wed May 24, Sat May 27, Sun May 28, Wed May 31 Between 1-4 pm

The Sovereign House

7 West River, Oakville, ON 905-825-5522
Opening Reception Wed May 24th 1-4 pm

 Gina Morewood     Janice Rock    Pamela Read


The Personal Touch


I just had a thought

At the back of my mind

By an idea I was nursing

In crept in behind

The thought was so silent

It almost got missed

But just in the corner

It stopped to be kissed

The idea had noticed

A new friend about

And decided to welcome

And left it no doubt

Here was a place

That cherished all notions

There was safety about

For thoughts and emotions

So thinking it’d stay

This thought settled in

And started to nest

It’s life could begin

My mind is so full

Of ideas and such

There’s really no room

For the personal touch