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How great am I?

“We would love to hear from you!”

                           “Please fill out this brief survey to tell us how we did!”

           “Tell us how we can serve you better.”


It seems as if everyone wants to know how great they did before they actually do anything! Now, to be fair not every place I visit on the web bombards me with a request for accolades. Some wait until I’m finished browsing their website. And some let me go on my merry way without accosting me. And I do mean accosted.

When I visit a store online it is usually with a purpose. Sometimes I’m looking for something in particular and sometimes I’m just browsing. But leave me the hell alone! I even hate going into actual stores only to have the sales staff continually assail me with questions and offers of their assistance. Don’t be too far away when I want something but don’t pester me. I know everybody wants to make a buck but that will chase me out of the store faster than a bad smell. I mean that.

Have you ever gone to a good restaurant and had your wait staff continually question the quality of your meal? Sometimes they are fawning over your every mouthful. They will interrupt your conversation just so you can tell them how good they are or how wonderful the meal is. A really good way to lose your tip! A good waiter will anticipate the diners’ needs without interrupting. A good waiter has eyes in the back of their head and can see when their diners require something. I have been served by really good waiters. I have also been served by really bad ones. The former is a pleasure, the later not so much.   The quality of the service can enhance or detract from the experience.

I guess as I get older I am becoming more aware of service, good service. I appreciate what it takes to provide that service and I look for it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not holding people up to a standard from long ago but I am holding them to a standard. Good service, like good manners, should not be a thing of the past.



What does an elephant think about

As he stands inside a zoo

What passes through his mind

As he’s looking back at you?


What does a pigeon think about

As he soars above the crowds

Perhaps it just a simple thing

As he plays amongst the clouds.


A single ant is scurrying

His job it must be done

The others they depend on him

The many and the one.


A crow is thinking, I can tell

He cocks his head at me

Is he looking at my lunch

Does he think it’s free?


Behind, beside and over there

Are those we do not know

But they have thoughts and feelings

Just like that silly crow


What does a person think about

And he looks upon another

Race and colour notwithstanding

Could he be my brother?


This crazy world that we call ours

We’re only tenants here

Mind your manners, p’s and q’s

Or next the end is near!