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Daily Quip

We are so focused on what is different about others we miss how much alike we truly are.





A friend made a comment

She made it to me

You’re silly you know

My advice here is free


With joyous abandon

You live life to the full

It is said from the heart

I tell you no bull


With laughter galore

And a chuckle or two

You look for the best

In all around you


Each day with a smile

You greet every dawn

With honour a suit

Each day you put on


Life is a journey

You share with the best

Our days may be numbered

So we’re on a quest


Be kind to each other

Is the quote for the day

And live every moment

As we all join the fray

Poo Soup    


I am sure I misheard

The words that you said

You asked if I’d rather

Consider you dead?


I know that’s not right

But it’s now in my head.

Such silly old me

You asked about bread!


There’s soup on the menu

I like that, I do

What’s on today?

You say that it’s poo?


Creamed, you continue

It’s special you see.

I know this is wrong

But, with a chaser of pee?


This restaurant is new

With a speciality palate

I am not quite there.

So the onion’s a shallot?


I long for the day

When food was a breeze

A coffee was simple

And sweets were a tease


Now latte’s are half-fat

And waste’s on the menu

I don’t understand

That food’s now a venue!


I’ll just drink my tea

And snack on a chip.

Maybe I’m asleep,

And this is a trip!