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The World Owes You?

Do you ever feel that the world owes you because you are dealing with a horrible disease? Do you ever feel that the able-bodied people around you should answer your every whim because they are, well, able-bodied and you are not? Do you ever feel that you are alone and no one could possibly understand what you are dealing with everyday? Well it doesn’t, they don’t and you aren’t. Everyone deals with issues, everyone. Every single individual out there has a disability of some sort: a crippling fear that will not allow them to leave their home, a devastating depression which has robbed them of the ability to feel joy, a nasty flatulence problem which makes being in public a little aromatic. You may have a disability that is easily recognizable and therefore allowances are made. What about the people who hide their issues, their fears from the rest of the world? They require just as much compassion and understanding as the rest of us. You and I are incapable of looking at the next person and knowing what issues they deal with everyday. So we have no right to judge, exactly in the same way as the next person does not have the right to judge us. Think about that the next time you’re feeling alone and unloved. Chances are good you’re wrong.