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Ally spooky

I have been with you since the dawn of time

I sit in the shadows and wait

you need me, you feed me.

It must be your fate

Racism and bigotry

cruelty and lies

violence and hatred

are food for my eyes.

I live behind doors

behind windows and tears

in the alleys I feast

on the emotion of fears.

The main course tomorrow

in the boardroom I wait

I am old and not wise

my hunger to sate.

The day to day wealth

the riches of youth

a serving of pain

so sweet on my tooth.

Generations have passed

the evil has won

there is nothing to stop me

I can’t be undone.

Kindness and honour

are poisons to my touch

I relished the evils

that flourish so  much.

Perhaps there’s a spark

that lies deep in your soul

a saviour perhaps

can hope make us whole?