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Failure is an Option



I was told recently that I needed to give myself permission to fail. Failure. It took me a few minutes to get my head around the concept. It was a physiotherapist who gave me these words of wisdom. I must admit I did not at first see them as wise words. My first thought was that here was another one in authority who wanted me to give up. I was wrong, she was right. I do need to give myself permission to fail and so do you. Failure is not giving up. There are things that I am unable to do at this time. Perhaps in the future I will be able to but not right now. I get frustrated because I have so much difficulty. I want to do it right, right now. That frustration is actually working against me. What I need to do is to acknowledge that it is difficult right now but that must not stop me from working at it continually. Eventually it should get easier. I will only completely fail when I stop trying.

 Once that goal is met I will make another one, and another one. I must always look forward but I have to admit that it is not going to be easy or quick. It is the journey that I am taking that is important not the destination. And yes, there will be failures on the way. I will learn from them and I will be stronger and wiser for it.