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Errant Thoughts


An errant thought crept up on me

I didn’t have a chance.

It made me climb a big old tree

And pushed me off a branch!


Then I waded in a pool

With mud and creepy crawlies.

Something wrapped around my leg

How somethings’ get their jollies!


Please! Oh please! Just let me out!

Let my thoughts be nice

A hunk of cheese, a glass of wine

Perhaps leave out the mice!


But I fear, it’s not to be

My thought is on a bender

It thinks of things I’d never do!

Could I just surrender?


Bungee jumping from a plane?

I think that thought is crazy!

Deep sea diving and no mask?

The world is getting hazy!


I was startled from the thought,

Alarms began to squawk!

Now the world is settling down

It’s just my bedside clock!