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Was My Miniature Poodle Gay?

This is actually a blast from my past. It was originally posted in August 2017. He made me smile then and I hope he makes you smile now. Enquiring minds wanted to know…

I was five years old when Beau Brummel joined our merry family.  My parents had been promising my brother, sister and I that we could get a dog one day.  One Sunday afternoon we were out for a drive (I guess it was a way to stimulate curiosity in us young’uns.)  We stopped for lunch a few towns over from where we lived.  After eating, my siblings left the table only to return a few moments later with an announcement:  There was a kennel in town. (They had checked the phonebook.) (For those of you too young to remember payphones, they were in most restaurants and on the street for people to make phone calls without going home.  There were no cells phones or Internet in those days. It was the ‘60s Sigh.)

Busted!  My father had promised.  We came home with an 8 month old, pure bred, champion stock, black, miniature poodle. His front legs had been broken when he was a few days old and had healed incorrectly so his walk was always slightly off.  We never noticed.

Beau ruled. Well, at least us kids.  He played when he wanted to, he cuddled when he wanted to.  And he always looked like he knew better.

Because Beau was of champion stock, breeders wanted to use him as a stud.  My parents agreed. Evidently it didn’t go well.  He didn’t seem to know what to do. The first indication?

About few years later we added another dog to the mix.  A beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever, we called her Blue. She idolized Beau. On the last day of school before summer break, both dogs went missing.  Eventually they showed up again and the summer continued as planned until . . .our beautiful Blue was pregnant!

Our first thought was: Beau! You ole dog!  But no. We think he pimped her out to another retriever in the neighbourhood: Blacky, a black lab. The pups were stunning!  I watched them being born. Quite an experience for a child. Beau hovered like a worried godfather. Second indication?

A few days later my brother, Blue and her five puppies left for university.  Beau moped for twenty minutes and then started putting everything back to normal. But he did find a friend.

My best friend lived across the street.  Her father was a hunter and had hunting dogs.  Strictly off limits to curious children.  They also had a male cat.  Rusty was an outdoor cat whose job was to keep the mouse population in decline.  He was very good at his job. We lived just outside a small city surrounded by forests and fields. It was a great place to live.  Rusty was beautiful and affectionate. In those days your animals ran free so chances were good they would meet up.  They did. Beau and Rusty became friends. The two boys met up most days and Beau often invited Rusty into the house for snacks or even a nap.  Third indicator?

A few years later we moved to another province.  Beau never again had a special friend like Rusty. I wonder if they found each other across the Rainbow Bridge?



What are friends for?


When I was originally diagnosed my first thought was that I was too busy, no time for this nonsense.  My second thought was about telling my parents.  I will never forget the look on my father’s face as I presented him with the news.  He was devastated.  Here was something he, as my father, could not fix. Both of my parents are gone now but they helped to set the foundation for how I deal with this disease. It was and is difficult, but my family is incredible.  They do not hover but will come when I need them, they offer support without stifling me.  They allow me to make my mistakes. They allow me to live.  I will be forever grateful that I am surrounded by such wonderful people.  As for my friends?  Once again I am blessed.

In the early stages of this disease my supposed friends scattered, never to be heard from again.  The friends I have now are true friends.  One woman in particular.   She lets me cry when I need to, rant when I need to and will share a bottle of wine when necessary, or even just wanted.  She cared for my cats when I was forced to spend three months in hospital.  She didn’t just feed them and clean their litter, she got down on the floor and played with them. And she is allergic to cats!  When Ally needed comforting she was there.  When Quinn needed to have his belly rubbed (it’s a boy thing) she was there.  She has seen me at my worst and she still likes me!  She is my friend and I love her.

Friendship is so important.  I know that there are a great many people out there I could call on and they would come.  I have a friend, a man, and he has told me several times that I am to call if I need him.   He lives an hour away but I know he would come.  My friends at the office will help me if I contact them even though I have been gone for more than 12 years!.  I trust them implicitly.  It is a wonderful feeling.

I am the person I am today because of my family and my friend and I like who I have become. The journey that I am on is not entirely of my making.  However, how I deal with my lot in life is my choice, my decision. I choose to enjoy, to smile, to relish my life. I will not give in or give up. I will give this life a run for it’s money! Ye-haw!!