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The Silent Extinction

It’s really happening, right in front of our eyes. We are complicit. In many ways we are the architects. We have needs that must be attended to right now and we don’t count the cost. And the cost is high.

It won’t happen in my lifetime, I hope. It may not happen in our children’s, children’s lifetime. But make no mistake, it will happen. One day there will be no more and it is our fault. We did this. We did this intentionally and there is no one else to blame.

Perhaps it’s not a bad thing. Perhaps out of this extinction Life will find a way to reassert itself, to blossom once again. I would like to believe that animals will once again walk the earth freely. The skies will once again be blue and the rains will no longer be toxic. Fish in the lakes and seas will go about their business without our interference. Plants will have a chance to evolve as they are meant to without our imposed guidance. It could happen. I believe that it could happen. I want to believe.

The warnings were there. It was clear to see for anyone that had the courage to look. The naysayers denied it and perhaps that hastened the final outcome. I would like to hope that it might not happen, that the damage is not irreversible. But all the signs are to the contrary.

The extinction of the human race is coming.

A Cause of Global Warming?



Like a flash the heat is on

a warming from within

500° emanating from just one

calculate now over millions.

Women of an age know

that they can heat the world

standing together oceans apart

a biological marvel.

Many years ago

life expectancy was short

and the world was a cooler place

a gentler, quieter time.

Good food, good health

encourages survival

men live awhile

women live longer.

A dangerous match was lit

and the internal clock

turned on the furnace.

Ladies start your engines.