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Halloween?  No!

Halloween is for sissies,

For kiddies and such.

Not for the minded,

Intelligent touch.

I’ll not be swindled,

And fooled with a scare.

No candy from me,

Not even a dare.

Now I hear knocking,

At my front door.

Ignore this I shall,

I will do no more!!

Children on candy,

Is too much a rush!

It messes their teeth,

Their minds become mush!

More banging is heard,

Just leave me alone!

I’ll not be a part,

Of this weirding new zone!

There are shapes at the windows,

Dear God they want in!

The devil is coming,

He senses my sin!

Moaning I hear!

They whisper my name.

Fear them I won’t,

Please make this a game!

A man was found dead,

Halloween night.

They say that he suffered,

A terrible fright.

Remember this story,

Next year they’ll be back.

Have candy all ready,

Or they’ll help you to pack . .