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What does an elephant think about

As he stands inside a zoo

What passes through his mind

As he’s looking back at you?


What does a pigeon think about

As he soars above the crowds

Perhaps it just a simple thing

As he plays amongst the clouds.


A single ant is scurrying

His job it must be done

The others they depend on him

The many and the one.


A crow is thinking, I can tell

He cocks his head at me

Is he looking at my lunch

Does he think it’s free?


Behind, beside and over there

Are those we do not know

But they have thoughts and feelings

Just like that silly crow


What does a person think about

And he looks upon another

Race and colour notwithstanding

Could he be my brother?


This crazy world that we call ours

We’re only tenants here

Mind your manners, p’s and q’s

Or next the end is near!

The Battle


Greed and Hate took a walk one dawn

To see what they could see

Imagine their surprise that day

When they ran into me!


“Go away!” I said to them,

“Your presence here is wrong!”

They smiled that smile that said it all

That said: “we do belong”.


I held my ground and cried for help.

I called the best I could.

There was an answer to my plea.

And those that came were Good.


Compassion showed and Love as well,

But Tolerance led the charge.

Hope took part and Kindness too,

And Confidence was large.


It took us all together,

To banish those with Greed.

This battle fought is never done,

When Evil’s what you feed.

Oh the Horror!


There was an epic battle last night between the forces of Good and Evil.

Greed and Hatred led a coalition that appears to have decimated the followers of Tolerance and Compassion. Good Manners was seen to fall in the first volley. He was followed closely by his wife Good Taste. It is unclear whether or not their children Good Sense and Good Will were on the scene.

Despair was glimpsed on the battlefield but it is unclear where he eventually went.

It is difficult to know what went wrong and when. The how is less difficult to surmise. It takes the smallest step on a slippery slope to start a downward spiral. The first time someone is mistreated because they are different and it is not corrected, then we all become complicit. All of us.

Too many people hide from the truth believing it does not affect them. Others believe the lies fomented by the side of Evil. Still there are others who work tirelessly and without fanfare to right the wrongs brewing in our society. We need to bolster the side of Good, each and every one of us. A simple smile at a stranger can begin the process of inclusion. And when that smile is returned and then passed on, it can grow. One step in the right direction can get the ball rolling, gaining momentum. An individual can make a difference. Many individuals together can change the tide.

It is believed that Hope escaped the carnage and is in possession of the seedlings of Love and Compassion. If she truly did manage to save the young then perhaps our future is not so bleak.