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Through The Eyes of a Stranger


What do you see when you look at me?

Do you see the person I’m trying to be?

Do you see the anger, the angst and the rage?

Or perhaps the compassion, the will to engage.


What do you see when you look out at life?

Do you see the hate, the fury, the strife?

Or do you see love, compassion and joy,

The innocence of children, a girl and a boy?


I look through eyes that are filled with hope,

With trust and belief, I know we can cope.

All it will take is for strangers to be friends,

And that will be the moment animosity ends.



I Trust in the Lord

His word it is good

To pray every day

I know that I should


But I am at fault

In the eyes of the church

A silly old sinner

Who continues to search


I want to know truth

To believe what is said

Then life interferes

Too many lies am I fed


But faith is a given

Sent from above

I just must believe

In the power of love


I trust in my Lord

And believe in His word

I pray every day

May my sins be deferred


Breaking Bread


Let’s break bread you and I

And share a thought or two.

Let’s take a wondrous journey

He’ll show us what to do.


A table has been prepared

Where we can sit together.

Praise and prayer as one

May our journey last forever.


Each chapter as is written

Is the journey of our lives.

We walk the path that He has set

And all around us thrives.


I place my hand in His

And trust we walk as one.

Join with me this very day

In speaking with His Son.


Every day we wonder

What the future has in store.

I can say for certain

With God I will see more.