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Conversations with God

I am not a religious person

I don’t know what that means

But I do like to have a chat

It’s not what all it seems.

Father dear who art in Heaven

Please hear the words I pray

Times are hard, I need you

I need you please to stay.

My gentle child I hear you

Each breath and sigh you make

I am never far you see

With every step you take.

I weep in sadness for what I see

My heart is heavy too

But I will watch and guide you

In everything you do.

I am a religious person

I know all what that means

I will carry on Your work

For all is as it seems.

In The Arms of My Father


His gentle arms embrace me

He touches my eyes to see

His gentle push a reminder

Of the person I need to be


He sees in me a value

A wealth beyond compare

I do not see it yet myself

With Him perhaps I’ll dare


The road I travel now this day

With guidance from above

Is all I need to do my best

Because it’s done with love


I pray one day I will reside

Within that heavenly realm

Peace and love and goodness

When our Father’s at the helm


The Battle


Greed and Hate took a walk one dawn

To see what they could see

Imagine their surprise that day

When they ran into me!


“Go away!” I said to them,

“Your presence here is wrong!”

They smiled that smile that said it all

That said: “we do belong”.


I held my ground and cried for help.

I called the best I could.

There was an answer to my plea.

And those that came were Good.


Compassion showed and Love as well,

But Tolerance led the charge.

Hope took part and Kindness too,

And Confidence was large.


It took us all together,

To banish those with Greed.

This battle fought is never done,

When Evil’s what you feed.