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A Walk


I’m taking my bumblebee for a walk

He likes to drink you see

Floral syrup is his brew

He gets it all for free!


I’m taking my Robin for a walk

He flies from tree to tree

It’s hard for me to keep abreast

When Robin’s on a spree


I’m taking my butterfly for a walk

He likes to drink each day

Nectar is his beverage

A sip and he’s on his way


I love to walk with all my friends

They have so much to say

If only I could understand

Then maybe they would stay

Groundhog Day 2 2 13

My dear friend over at Healing Your Heart, Mark Lanesbury, revisited his very first blog and suggested that it might be fun for me to do so as well. He believed that it “would be a fun way to look at your Blog growth and transformation!” I like Mark and I enjoy his blog so I thought I would comply. Can you imagine my horror when I saw this?

Groundhog Day 2 2 13

I am sitting here looking at a blank page and I don’t know what to say. This is my first blog and I want to say something monumental and pithy and life affirming. And all I can think to say is hello. Perhaps it’s a tad banal but I mean well. I’m hoping that I will enjoy writing this blog and I hope that you will enjoy reading it. Together this could be one hell of a ride, so welcome. Welcome to my blog.

I have changed nothing. Talk about banal! Ok, ok, I was a newby and totally out of my depth. I believe I have grown and my writing has matured to a point where I am proud of what I write. (Mostly. I am a little embarrassed by some of my quips but the humour factor outweighs the morality code. Sorry Mom!)

I have also grown immeasurably simply by reading others’ blogs. I have gained insight into myself as well as the world we inhabit. Most of my quips are triggered by comments I make to others. I enjoy the process so very much. I have gained a confidence that has helped me to share of my self, which I believe benefits my writing. When I am not physically putting pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) then I am thinking about writing (literally speaking).

And it makes me smile. I look at a tree and see a poem. I argue with a bureaucrat and I have the foundation for a post. I am having a ball! (The kind I play with!) Hopefully I will be able to continue for a very long while. Oh and some of the people who ‘liked’ my words four years go are still with me. Yeah!



See Marks words at: healingyourheartfromwithin.wordpress.com   I highly recommend it.

Whispers in the Mist

Jan 30 2014 005

A cold dreary mist

enveloping all

The day becomes night

With a soft ghostly call.


Sound becomes muted

A whisper seems loud

Nefarious dealings

In a gossamer shroud.


Walk softly, walk light

You’re way is not clear

Keep close to your breast

All those you hold dear.


The fog holds a secret

A truth yet unknown

To hear it takes courage

The strength to be shown.


A soft gentle mist

soon tickles the air

It’s a warm friendly touch

No need to beware.


Which one will it be

To fear or embrace

The fog makes a choice

To touch with its grace.

Writer’s Block



Words that will not come to me

My breath is short with fear

Is this perhaps denied to me

The words no longer here.


Why I wonder is it so

I have so much to say

The paper just stares back at me

To words I cannot stray.


Closed is my mind to hand this day

And everything’s amiss

But soon I hope this fog with lift

And give me back the words I miss.


Perhaps a spark will soon appear

And burst upon this page

If not I guess my time is done

The end of such an age.


And so goodbye I say to you

Tis said with heavy heart

But never fear I will return

I will not just depart.

A house in the forest


There’s a house in the forest

That’s hidden from view.

Wait I can see it!

I can see, can’t you?

Behind the closed door

Are secrets untold.

Do you want to go see?

Let’s dare to be bold!

The secrets for telling,

The fun we could gain!

But other’s distress,

In some cases pain.

I think we should stop,

It’s the right thing to do.

The house in the forest

Stays hidden from view.