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The Cowboy and the Pen



He rode the trails

For days untold

He slept beneath the stars

His pony and his saddle

With justice on his hip

Men were hard

And women true

It was so long ago

The law was in the barrel

A bullet the execution

Was it better then?

Now the cowboy has a pen

Justice slow but true

The pony now is stationery

Tucked into a desk

The stars are hidden

Far from sight

The days are foggy too

Justice now is talked about

And sometimes meted out

But times are slow

And opinions matter

Does Fairness have a chance?

The power of the pen they say

Is swift and it is blunt

But time goes on

And pens run dry

Is it better now?

I once knew a man from Cornwall . . .

I once knew a man from Cornwall

He managed a famous fish stall

Then late there one night

Was something not right

And Syd was not seen there at all


Now another man known as Ned

Had always wanted Syd dead

A stab in the back

A horrid attack

And now that stall’s full of bread


I’ve heard that Ned had wife

And evil were his skills with a knife

the killing he’s done

but he’s not on the run

Because now he’s doing 20 to life