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My Own Song


I’m singing my own song

And I’m writing it too

Sometimes I’m brilliant

And sometimes it’s poo


I don’t care for noise

But the sound of a song

Country, pop or jazz

It just can’t be wrong


Classical notes form

A bridge for the ear

All other music

Began I think here


The song I am writing

Is dear to my heart

It helps me to focus

And where next to start


My past in a word

It simply was great

Love and adventure

Full was my slate


My song is not finished

I have years still to write

Experiences to live

The future is bright!



Every day’s a new day

With the Lord at my side

His tenets are true

And with them I’ll bide


I’ll walk on His path

That He laid out for me

With love in my heart

I’ll always be free


The Lord is my Shepherd

And I am his flock

He whispers to me

And of Him I’ll talk


Please take my hand

The journey is long

He will be with us

And together we’re strong

A Single Glass of Water

Oceans are deep

And rivers are fast

Water has power

The dye then is cast.


No life could exist

No land would be shaped

Through use of that liquid

Our world is landscaped.


We drink it and bathe

Even play on its back

We hide from its power

It takes quite a knack.


Sit back and give thanks

For that drink in your hand

The cells of all life

Through water is planned.

Move Along


Move along,

Move along now

There’s nothing to see

Don’t furrow your brow.


You cannot stop moving

If you want to live

There’s work to be done

And so much to forgive.


From birth until death

There is a progression

With life in the middle

It’s at your discretion.


The choices you make

On this journey of yours

May help or may hinder

For those keeping scores.


Now is the time

Take stock of your self

Should you be living

Or left back on a shelf?


Move along,

Move along now

There’s so much to see

If you only know how.