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Shady Quip

Too many people look like they are on a lemon sucking diet?


Looking For a Hug


I looked for a hug

From a silly old bug

But his arms were too short

For that kind of sport

So I asked then a deer

Who did magically appear

When he shook his big head

I looked around me instead

There were trees all around

Whose branches were sound

But not gentle their touch

That I wanted so much

So my journey moved on

Til I next saw a swan

Her wings were so wide

But to me she did chide

Look to your own

She said with a groan

You will find what you need

My words you must heed

So I nodded goodbye

As she flew to the sky

Now my heartstrings do tug

As I ask you for a hug


Hilary's Pics 004

And so the spirit dies

As in all the world alive

The final chapter written

The day that ends in night.


And now the tears will fall

The pain is on the surface

All alone to ease the hurt

We walk the forest lane.


And yet the world won’t falter

The sun will ever rise

Day to night the cycle

The change is not felt here.


And forward on our steps must tread

For we will never yield

Our destiny awaits ahead

Our spirits rise again.

      The Rain


Sept 2012 007


The rain will wash away your tears

And you will smile again

Distances must still be tread

The pain must be endured


In time the hurt will lessen

The damage done will ease

But memories will not forget

The author of this pain


Does hope exist in troubled times

It’s hard to know if so

But a day perhaps in time to come

The sun will shine again


So live each day a minute each

And look towards the sky

The sun is lurking near I pray

To shine upon your brow


But yet for now the pain is real

The hurt is deep and fierce

This wound lies heavy on my soul

A bleeding shell of trust