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Magical sorcerer



A magical sorcerer lives in my head

he swims through my body

and fills me with dread

A message is sent

to my foot from my brain

the sorcerer sends orders

to my bladder to drain

It seems I can’t stand

when I want to get up

the sorcerer has plans

for breaking a cup

This disease that I have

it changes my life

it does not define me

or fill me with strife

I am who I am

no matter the name

the magic I have

is never the same

The magical sorcerer

is close every day

a battle perhaps

it does make me pay

I will not give up

I will not give in

the magical sorcerer

can simply not win

The sun and the rain

the fog and the moon

my life will go forward

it will not end soon

Life with multiple sclerosis/magical sorcerer, it is a challenge.