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Daily Quip

The past never goes away.


Little Boats


I wonder what tales

These little boats could tell,

Of catches lost and fishes caught,

And waves that rose and fell.


They ply the waters near and far

Above the murky deep

The sounds of mermaids on the wind

That echo while they sleep


The dolphins play as whales swim by

The sailors watch at ease

It’s cod and herring that bring them out

To brave the chilly breeze


They know the dangers when at sea

The wind beneath their sails

Storms and creatures of the deep

So scary are the tales


But never fear, they’ll keep you safe

The little boats believe

You are in their hands to keep

They never will deceive


The years at sea have done their toll

Their lives have now been spent

They pass the torch on to another

It’s time to now repent


Remember well the little boats

Who plied the waters deep

Theirs was but a moment here

Now fathoms down they sleep



A Curious Child



A child once sat at her mother’s knee

And asked that tales be told

Of God and Jesus and Angels true

A world she could behold


A tender age, a tender mind

She loved the tales of God

A gentle Father to us all

A Son who once was flawed


The tales she heard so long ago

They stayed within her heart

And formed the woman she became

I think she’s pretty smart


The mother passed on to her rest

The child grew up to be

For you know, so long ago

That curious child was me



ink sketch

I cannot remember

The things I have said,

The act of remembering

It feels me with dread!


I remember the past

As if I was there.

But what I’ve just eaten?

It’s really unfair!

People I’ve known,

For short or for long,

The names that they have

I’m afraid that they’re gone!


I want to remember,

I’m afraid to forget,

I feel I am losing,

Now that is a threat!


Time passes on

For thee and for me,

I’ll live in the moment

Until I am free!