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A Curious Child



A child once sat at her mother’s knee

And asked that tales be told

Of God and Jesus and Angels true

A world she could behold


A tender age, a tender mind

She loved the tales of God

A gentle Father to us all

A Son who once was flawed


The tales she heard so long ago

They stayed within her heart

And formed the woman she became

I think she’s pretty smart


The mother passed on to her rest

The child grew up to be

For you know, so long ago

That curious child was me


Lost to the Heart?

A lost toy is

So very sad.

Alone in an airport.

Forgotten, mislaid

Stepped on,


What memories


Stuffed deep inside

By chubby wee fingers.

Clutched close to the chest,

Desperate, concerned.

One’s deepest felt fears,

And secrets imparted.

For that silent companion

Tears bursting forth.

A heart has been broken.

But perhaps it is two:

The soul of a child,

And the soul of a toy.

Stuffing and buttons

Sewn by another.

Inanimate they say,

But then ask a child.

No companion so close,

So dear to the heart,

As that one forever

Wrapped around


Love is a state

Where toys

Never die.

Once upon a time


A place for everything and everything in its place. I love to tell people that, that is how I like things to be. To be absolutely honest, that isn’t exactly true.   A little chaos can be quite liberating!

I have lived in my home for 23 ½ years. I’ve said in the past that I am a Nester. I like to stay put. I like to be comfortable in my surroundings. The thought of packing up my life and moving to another location, even if it were better, terrifies me. I ain’t moving anywhere, anytime soon! (yes I am English major)

I admire those who live the gypsy existence and frequently move on to something better or more exciting. Part of me would love to be a traveler. I would have loved to be someone who explores the world and experiences different cultures. But I am not that person. I live vicariously through the Internet, through my friends who travel and through books. That may not be the most exciting way to live but is mine. And I make no apologies.

I recognize that my education is, of course, incomplete because I have so little empirical data. But then isn’t that the whole point: one’s education should never be complete. The day we stop learning is the day we stop. Learn a new skill, a new language, a new culture. We are all enhanced by what we learn. There is such joy and fulfillment in how we better ourselves and one facet of that is knowledge.

Once upon a time it was inconceivable that young girls be taught to read. Once upon a time the world was believed to be flat. Once upon a time there was no language. Once upon a time all that existed was primordial sludge. How far we have come. How far we still have to go. And I’m still enjoying the ride!



Can you hear a moon beam

As it whispers on the wind?

Can you see the hand of God

Resting on your skin?


Do you feel the spirit

Warm around your heart?

Do you know for certain

You’ve made the perfect start?


Will you be the best

That you could ever be?

Will you pay attention

To things you cannot see?


Are you now forever

The person that is best?

Are you living fully

Gently with the rest?


What are you afraid of

That stops you being true?

What are you remembering

Of the One that made you, you?


Can you hear the words

Spoken from within?

Safe with Him forever

Will you now begin?