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A Kernel of Truth


A kernel of truth

From your lips I expect

Instead I am hearing

Of a Colonel you decked?


That notwithstanding

I asked for your word

So please be forthcoming

And say what you heard!


You swear it’s a bird

That doesn’t make sense

Why would a fowl

Jump over your fence?


Lady I’m here

To deal with a crime

So lose all this nonsense

And stop all the rhyme!!


In The Arms of My Father


His gentle arms embrace me

He touches my eyes to see

His gentle push a reminder

Of the person I need to be


He sees in me a value

A wealth beyond compare

I do not see it yet myself

With Him perhaps I’ll dare


The road I travel now this day

With guidance from above

Is all I need to do my best

Because it’s done with love


I pray one day I will reside

Within that heavenly realm

Peace and love and goodness

When our Father’s at the helm


A Rainbow of Feelings


Blue is the colour

Of the sadness I feel

But then there is Gold

For the hope I appeal


Red is for anger

Which all of us know

But it can be tempered

Not left there to grow


Now Green is the colour

Of envy and greed

Feelings of evil

Of which we should heed


Orange is so tasty

Quite fruity at best

With feelings of bliss

Perhaps it’s a test

And last but not least

Is the colour of wealth

True Violet is rich

If only in health


The Rainbow of riches

Awash in the sky

The emotions we feel

They all do apply




A Cacophony of Scents


Perfume should enhance

The beauty within

But it is in conflict

With the smell of your skin


Lotions to smooth

And tonics to shape

Then make up and lipstick

You cannot escape


There’re scents all around

From your feet to your brow

Just wafting about

I cannot think now


A battle is waging

For dominant scent

My eyes they are watering

My nostrils resent


The smell of the forest

Wet nettles underfoot

Flowers and raindrops

Some fire and soot


These are the aromas

Soothing and true

Gentle their touch

So much better for you

The Swallow


Swiftly the swallow

Flies through the air

He’s looking for bugs

With nary a care


A flip to the right

Next diving straight down

His lunch is still free

But soon it’ll drown


A tasty repast

Is it’s fate in this life

I guess that’s the reason

There’s never a wife


They breed in the billions

This fast moving fuel

They power the world

For our aerial jewel


Lunch is in sight

For our hero aloft

A feather away

He’s not getting soft


I wonder what goes

Through the head of a bug

As he passes the lips

Of our swallow’s wee mug


Life will continue

In the air, land and sea

And all of it’s creatures

Will continue to be

Nature Intended


What nature intended

Man put asunder

We travel through life

As lightening and thunder


With a flash and a roar

Demands we will make

But never a thought

For the actions we take


We kill and enslave

Without any care

For the lives of the others

So desperate they dare


Animals and people

No difference it makes

When wants and desires

Is all that it takes


If we want to live on

Our species to thrive

We need to believe

That we all must now strive


What nature intended

Man looked on in awe

Understanding then hit

We are the flaw

Bible Studies


A gaggle of women

All in a row

Incredible beauty

But not just for show


Wisdom and insight

We bring to the table

Lively discussions

Each day we enable


An insight to God

Is that which we seek

His words that we read

His words that we speak


His guidance is here

We just have to see

Believe in yourself

And the person you’ll be.


Our Father above

In His light do we bask

Smile on us daily

Is all that we ask


A Tale of a Tail


A tale of a tail

Attached to a rat

Who wanted some cheese

That belonged to a cat


Our cat loved to play

All day with a string

But it had been taken

By a dog who could sing


Now the cat knew the dog

Just wanted a bone

That belonged to a man

Who lived on his own


But the man was annoyed

That his home had a mouse

Who scurried around

All over of the house


If the mouse could be caught

Then the bone would be tendered

The string would drawn

And the cheese would be rendered


Horrid the deeds

Would need to be done

Death and defying

Was the character of none


So the tale of this tail

Will end on a high

In the house of the man

They all settled for pie!



I am sitting and waiting.

Waiting? What for?

For someone to call?

For a knock at my door?


I’m waiting for knowledge,

For a spark in my brain.

I want to be clever.

I’m waiting in vain.


Data will come,

But only if sought.

It’s starts as a child,

Each day we are taught


The lessons we learn,

Everyday that we strive,

Are reason enough,

For interest to thrive.


So open your mind,

And let the world in.

The knowledge you seek,

Will grow from within.





I plan to misbehave

And do the things I shouldn’t

All because of Them

Who told me that I couldn’t


For all those years I was my best

And did as I was asked

Now’s the time to have some fun

I have become unmasked


Lights left on in empty rooms

A burner far too big

I even said a word out loud

My Mom would flip her wig


Evil deeds will be the norm

I left my door unlocked

I’ve changed my path from good to bad

I fear I’ll be defrocked!


People now will curse my name

Those who cared will weep

Misbehaving’s hard to do

I think it’s back to sleep


Perhaps another day I’ll try

To throw away my chains

Until that time I’ll rest with ease

And count my many gains