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A Perfect Moment

The frantic pace that life inflicts,

Surrounds us every day.

Sights and sounds bombarding,

That fills one with dismay.


Take a moment, maybe two,

And calm your weary brow.

Close your eyes and take a breath,

And I will show you how.


Steam wafts gently upwards,

Escaping  from the hollows,

Of a  perfectly made cup of tea.

A scent of spice soon follows.


Ripples brush the surface,

Your breath a tender breeze.

Hands clasp around the warmth,

And soon you feel at ease.


Let this moment heal you,

Feel peace in its embrace.

Knowing you can always find,

This perfect state of grace.



His Humour

Does God have a sense of humour?

Does he see me when I jest?

Will He forgive my silly antics,

Before I’m laid to rest?


I have to think he does,

When I look around the earth.

There are so many lovely things,

That do embody mirth.


The Platypus and Pangolin,

Just to a name a few.

Are oddities of nature,

And not the only two.


Strange things that we see,

Are by His Holy hand.

They have a place within this globe,

Things that He has planned.


All the world is wonderful,

And we are here to see.

Miracles that surround us,

Are there to make us free.






The image of the pangolin is from the nationalgeographic.com. They are critically endangered. It would be a travesty to lose such a magnificent creature.




There is a question that I ponder,

More than one I think,

Has our species reached the end?

Are we on the brink?


There is so much that’s wrong right now,

So many are without,

Can we not reach out a hand?

We can, I have no doubt.


All it takes is one to choose,

To reach out to another.

And if the trend repeats itself,

That hand could be my brother.


Family need not be just blood,

We all belong together.

We just need to have the will,

This storm then we can weather.


Tomorrow is still a great unknown,

The stories not yet penned.

Every word we choose today,

Could save us from the end.





Wild Life

A Polar bear was napping,

Upon a sea of ice.

I wonder if he was dreaming?

Of lunch to be precise.


I saw a hedgehog running,

He was in such a rush.

Perhaps he had a meeting,

With his latest crush.


A fox was sitting in the dark,

Her eyes so very bright,

I wonder what she was thinking,

And were her kits alright?


Butterflies are everywhere,

Flitting amongst the trees.

I wonder if they are happy,

As they surf a morning breeze.


Animals are all around us,

They live where we can’t see.

But every now and then they show,

Their lives to you and me.


Birds are high up in the sky,

Squirrels atop the trees.

Rabbits run within the grass,

And don’t forget the bees!


Can we know what they are thinking,

As we share our world with them?

Can we even guess their needs,

Or do we just condemn?


We share our world with others,

So different from who we are.

But kindness should be a way of life,

Then love would not be far.




A Broken Pencil

I broke a pencil the other day,

It hit the paper hard.

It seems I had a thought to mind,

That we must be on guard.


I guess it started as a rant,

And seemed to grow from there.

Never one to hold my thoughts,

I also need to share.


Fear and hatred all about,

A culture of despair.

Is this the way we want to live?

Or must we now beware?


The pencil hit the point with rage,

My fury was too strong.

And the moment I had done it,

I knew that I was wrong.


Shame was all I really felt

There was another way.

Hate cannot be met with hate,

It’s love we must convey.


This is the time to heal our wounds.

A time when we should bond.

All it takes is willingness,

And we could move beyond.


I know that we can make amends,

And all can live as one.

Beam a smile at a stranger,

And lo, you have begun.


I am entitled to the sunshine,

If the rain would stay away.

I am entitled to the starlight,

If the clouds would just give way.


I’m not entitled to respect,

That’s something I must earn.

So much they take for granted,

Will they never learn?


If you want to be beloved,

Then you must learn to love.

If you want to feel some kindness,

Then see the step above.


Nothing should be expected,

To go the way you crave.

Life can be so random,

And so very grave.


Treat the people that you meet,

The way that you desire.

Then perhaps what you’d get back,

Is people you inspire!

A Colour Tease

I saw a splash of colour,

From the corner of my eye.

A little yellow, a touch of red,

Beneath a clear blue sky.


Winter now is fading,

But spring is not yet here,

Nights are cold and days not warm,

There’s more to come, I fear.


I do believe I live in hope,

That soon the world will change.

Flowers bloom and grasses grow,

And life will be less strange.


No longer will the world be grey,

When flowers bloom with life.

We will find a way to smile,

And end this time of strife.


Lavender, red and pink I see

Are colours all around.

Just right now they’re in my mind,

But soon they will abound.


Spring is coming, just you wait,

As life begins anew.

Colours all around us now,

At last it’s coming true.




The Fallen Angel

They say it happened long ago,

An angel fell from grace.

They say there was a battle,

And someone lost his place.


Celestial heaven with love and peace,

Was saddened by the loss.

But it was in the Plan they thought,

And God was still the boss.


We do not know the reason why,

That angel had to descend.

But now he has a duty,

Unto the bitter end.


The Plan’s in place and working fine.

At least I think that’s so.

When all is said and all is done,

It’s not for us to know.


An angel fell we know it’s true,

We must not question why.

Every day we say a prayer,

His evil we decry.


Long ago a plan was made,

And God did make His choice.

Now we follow full of hope,

Each day we can rejoice.



The Nothing Poem



I have nothing to say,

No wisdom to impart.

My mind is a blank,

I have nowhere to start.


My pens are all dry,

And the pencils are broken.

My computer is napping,

I am really heartbroken!


This is not who I am,

With nothing to say.

I’ve always got something,

To speak every day!


Perhaps it’s my time,

To throw in the towel.

To live without words,

It all seems so foul.


Not bloody likely!

I’ll say this to you,

This was a blip,

I know I’ll pull through!


I’ll wrestle my demons,

And make them give way.

Cuz I ain’t done talking,

I’ll get back in the fray!

My Winter Leaves

My tree has leaves in winter,

Sitting on a limb.

It’s such a pretty picture,

As I watched the daylight dim.


Bunched together or all alone,

It changes as I look.

It seems to me they’re waiting,

And I am on the hook.


I made a start so long ago ,

It’s really not my fault.

A tree so bare is really sad,

The birds are more Gestalt!


They come from all around me,

To settle in my tree.

and it seems that they expect,

to get their lunch for free!