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The Train Whistle


In the distance I heard a train,

It’s woeful whistle blew.

It travels far upon its track,

And then the silence grew.


Where ever was it headed,

Along its static track?

To see sights and sounds of wonder,

And then it would be back.


Filled with mystic marvels,

And stories yet to tell.

I will sit and ponder,

And wonder where to dwell.


A mournful whistle beckons,

Calling me to ride.

Perhaps in time I’ll take a seat,

And there I will abide.



A Whisper in Her Ear

An infant child grew silent,

At the whispering in her ear.

She felt an angel’s presence,

Oh, so very near.


The sound was so melodic,

A song so near her heart.

She felt the subtle murmuring,

And knew her life would start.


When a child is born,

They know the words of God.

But all too soon the whispering,

Is lost in a world that’s flawed.


If you listen carefully,

With your heart and mind,

You might hear His whispers,

Coming from behind.


Live your life with purpose,

With kindness and thought.

And you will find your journey,

Is all that you’ve been taught.







The Albatross


I was walking down the street,

With nary a thought in mind.

When I spied an Albatross,

Flashing his behind.


He raised his head and looked at me,

Perhaps he’s asking who?

So I will do my very best,

And try to think this through.


He seemed to be considering,

What I do not know.

So I approached him warily,

My curiosity in tow.


He turned around and cocked his eye,

He’s giving me a look.

As if to say:  he’s thinking,

And I am on the hook!


He took a step and shook his head,

It seems he’s changed his mind,

Then he takes a running leap,

And I am left behind.


With gentle grace he soars above,

High among the clouds,

I am left so far below,

Just one amongst the crowds.


Now I think back fondly,

Of the gift that was bestowed.

Of a gentle creature,

Who for a moment slowed.

The Most Wonderful Year Of My Life

Never before did I have the time,

To notice the beauty in front of me.

There’s a tang in the air that I never smelled before,

I think there is much I have missed.


I notice the air and the sunsets that fall,

I notice the rain on the window.

I see a smile on the face of a stranger,

I noticed the scowls as well.


The skin of my lover is fresher than dew,

It feels like satin or silk.

I hear sweet songs in the voice of the birds,

And the heady aroma of life.


But I spent my time in dogged pursuit,

Of that life that I seem to have missed.

So now is the time to do all that I can,

To live in the here and now.


The world is in focus with a brightness this day,

Why did I not see it before?

Now I will live each day as my last,

Knowing that soon it will be.

The Shadow Man

He walks the streets at dusk and dawn,

Some fear his wicked shadow.

But I know the truth behind the man,

I know from whence he comes.


His fingers long and tenuous,

Search upon the ground.

What they seek I do not know,

But me they will not find!


I do not fear the Shadow Man,

I do not fear his glare.

But tales are told from long ago,

Of those the man has touched.


There is no proof of what I say,

No witnesses left alive.

But no one draws the Shadow’s gaze,

Just in case it’s true.


Look carefully at his image,

And you will see the truth.

Shadow Man was created,

In the recesses of my mind.




This image was kindly donated by Dan over at nofacilities.com. I did modify the picture to reflect the image in my mind. And my apologies to Maddie. She didn’t make the cut.


Employment Opportunities

I thought to be an axe murderer,

But I didn’t have an axe.

It really is a messy job,

And I am far too lax.


Bankers work with money,

Billions I am told.

But money’s such a dirty thing,

I think that I will fold.


Doctors, lawyers are in need,

But their schooling last so long!

It does not fit my rules of life,

Though some will think I’m wrong.


A writer’s life is full of wit,

And angst, to tell the truth.

The boundaries they do not exist!

When creating words forsooth!


To sit with paper, pen in hand.

It sounds a wonderful gift.

Perhaps I’ll try my hand at that,

And see where I do drift…

Keep Me Posted

Lord keep us posted,

On the plan that you had.

I know you are brilliant,

But things have gone bad.


There are locusts and fires,

And floods and a plague.

Forgive me dear Lord,

Your details are vague.


I pray and I praise,

I know others do too.

These are desperate times

What more can we do?


We must come together,

Perhaps when we’re one.

Our path will be clear,

And this evil be done.


Forgive me dear Lord,

For questioning your way.

In panic I drifted,

But I knew you would stay.


Your word will be done,

Our lesson was learned.

Our future is forward,

Our sanity returned.


Words Are Never Needed

God is in the whisper,

You hear between the words.

God is in the rainbow,

As He flies amongst the birds.


The dew upon a petal,

The breath of a sleeping child.

I see this and I know,

My gentle Lord has smiled.


He guides the path I walk,

I never am alone.

But a day will come,

My sins I must atone.


Even then He’ll stay,

For truly is He love.

For each and every one of us,

He cares from up above.




Voices ring with dulcet tones,

Then cut you like a knife.

The power of the spoken word,

When used for peace or strife,


Can bring a country to its feet,

Or crush a single dream.

Soothe the tears of a weeping child,

Or terrify with a scream.


Baritone or bass resound,

Deep within the breast.

Soprano, alto, tenor,

Is how a song’s expressed.


Voices raise with joyous words,

In praise of all that’s good.

It is a power we can wield,

And we know we should.






The Waterfall


Trickling water,

Starts deep underground,

Destination unknown,

Its future unsound.


Gathering strength,

With each mile it traverses,

Sometimes it runs straight,

Sometimes it reverses.


But there is a need,

A desire to be free.

To reach for the sun,

And to bubble with glee.


Tenacious and driven,

It now is a stream,

The focus is forward,

It’s living  the dream.


With nary a thought,

It bursts free of its chains,

The waterfall cascades,

All over the plains.


As you look on with wonder,

At the beauty you see,

Think of the journey,

It took to be free.


Do you have the strength,

To make the hard choice?

Do you have the courage,

To speak with your voice?


Remember the water,

And the journey it chose.

You do have the strength,

So let’s see where it goes!