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Now I have heard a tale,

Of some pretty mighty folk.

Who one day tried to band together,

Searching for a joke.


They searched the wilds far up north,

Then east and west they went.

Lakes and oceans, fields and hills,

But still they did lament.


Then someone had a simple thought,

A cult might just be right.

They could live pure and free,

Without some nasty fight.


There would of course be rules,

They’d really have to follow.

But some of them were cool,

And none were mean or hollow.


Food and drink would be the norm,

Laughter the song of choice.

Friendship for all together,

And all would have a voice.


What a perfect place to live,

Far away we all would be.

No hate or strife belongs with us,

I think you would agree.


Now I think I’ll rest my head,

And dream of big blue skies.

Perhaps I’ll eat cannoli,

If that cult would be my prize.


Covid Fatigue



I am tired of living,

In fear for my life.

I am tired of the anger,

The hatred, the strife.


My hands are rubbed raw,

But sterile of course.

My mask is in place,

And now I sound hoarse.


I measure the distance,

Between me and then you.

I watch very carefully,

The things that you do.


A vigilant eye,

Is required these days.

But sometimes I swear,

I’m in such a craze.


Yet I will continue,

To do as I must.

Because hope for the future,

That’s what I trust.


This angst we are living,

I call Covid Fatigue.

I know we can beat it,

With little intrigue


So, do as you’re told,

A little bit longer.

And I’m sure we will be,

So very much stronger.


The end is in sight,

A vaccine is quite near

There will be a day

When there’s no virus fear.

Beyond the Horizon

Come to me little one,

Come and see,

Beyond the horizon,

Across the gentle sea.


The world is yours to make,

A place to call your own.

All it takes is courage,

To face the great unknown.


Provocative and enticing,

The horizon is never far.

But distance is not measured,

By the length you drive your car.


I want to touch the shore,

At the distance I can see.

I want to walk the line,

That separates you and me.


The horizon just beyond,

Is a marvel to behold.

Look and see with wonder,

And life will then unfold.



I Will Not Forget

A misty morning on a field of war,

A single poppy grew.

The soldier closed his eyes at last,

For death had come too soon.


He lay in peace upon the ground,

His rifle by his side.

Never more to see the dawn,

Or sunsets with his love.


A gentle rain came soon enough,

To wash away his tears.

But not in time to spare his life,

Taken by the war.


Others stood in place for him,

Men and women both.

Many paid the final price,

Exacted by the war.


I have not known that horror,

As I live a life of peace.

But always will I remember,

Those who went to war.


Above my heart, a poppy,

I wear it proud and true.

Thank you for your service,

As I remember you.


Song on the Wind


There is a song I have not heard,

That whispers on the wind.

The tune I know it deeply,

It knows I have not sinned.


The words we sing are different,

Everyone has their own.

But I believe we sing as one,

For the King upon His Throne.


Decrees of the Lord are precious,

His teachings are our laws.

Let me be wise and grateful

And I will not give you pause.


Then to join the chorus,

As the heavens now rejoice.

All together we sing His praise,

The strength of just one voice.


Redeem me Lord and walk with me,

As I lift my heart in song.

I hear the music all around,

Together we are strong.

All Hallows Eve



It’s a dark quiet night,

The mist seems so slow.

The sounds that you hear,

They are deep and they’re low.


Something’s alive,

Like the hairs on your neck.

So very determined,

They creep slowly erect.


A touch on your shoulder,

A hand out of sight.

You skin starts to quiver,

You’ve taken a fright.


Look not behind you,

Breathe deeply and pray.

They’re moving so closely,

You hope they don’t stay.


There are goblins and witches,

A vampire or three.

They’re starting their haunt night,

So dangerously free.


Evil surrounds you,

It must be remembered.

Nothing is sacred,

You could be dismembered.


Of spectres and ghouls,

It’s one day a year.

Zombies and trolls,

There is so much to fear.


Take care you don’t anger,

Those near in your sight.

Membership is optional,

Except for tonight.

Mind Craze

Mini-mazes of the mind,

Where ideas go to breed.

They find a place they like to sit,

And then they plant a seed.


And in time there is a shoot,

A mini notion starts.

Then of course it gains it’s strength,

And plans those special parts.


Will it be a story,

Of lust and love and death?

Or will it be a poem,

About a baby’s breath?


I do not know the course,

The direction I will choose.

But I know I’m happy,

When words become my muse.


Mini-mazes of the mind,

A wondrous place to play.

Now I guess my time is up,

And I must say:  good day!

A Single Leaf

A single leaf lay all alone,

It’s time aloft was done.

No more swaying in the breeze,

No basking in the sun.


Generations soon emerge,

And leave their mark behind.

Then when their time has come and gone,

It’s there for us to find.


The journey next we all must take,

Is facing the unknown.

But for sure I know this truth,

That we are not alone.


A single leaf lay by itself,

It’s time had just begun.

The job was now to feed the earth,

And help new life start one.


Photo used with the permission of Dan Antion of nofacilities.com.

A Tale of a Tail


This is a tale of a tail

Attached to a rat

Who wanted some cheese

That belonged to a cat.


Now our cat loved to play

All day with a string

But it had been taken

By a dog who could sing.


And the cat knew the dog

Just wanted a bone

That belonged to a man

Who lived on his own.


But the man was annoyed

That his home had a mouse

Who scurried around

All over of the house.


If the mouse could be caught

Then the bone would be tendered

The string would drawn

And the cheese would be rendered.


Horrid the deeds

Would need to be done

Death and defying

Was the character of none.


So the tale of this tail

Will end on a high

In the house of the man

They all settled for pie!

Two Scoops

Life goes by in such a rush,

Getting from place to place.

We are all in a hurry to be,

Together within this race.


I would like to stop,

To sit for just a bit.

To see what I have missed,

What did I forfeit?


So, I will take this moment,

And scoop up what I need.

Perhaps just a little extra,

No more than is decreed.


A little joy is not amiss,

And laughter is a must.

Peace is also needed here,

And yes, a little trust.


Two scoops will I allow,

Not to take too much.

Then I think I’ll pass it on

To those I want to touch.