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Puddle Jumper

I can leap tall buildings,

With a single bound.

All the while keeping,

My feet on the ground.


With a switch and a swirl,

The world disappears.

Wait just a moment,

And it all reappears.


Trusty old rain boots,

Keep my feet warm and dry.

As this silly old girl,

Likes to stomp on the sky.


The rain leaves a world,

Just at my feet.

Another dimension,

New marvels to meet.


A child’s imagination,

Is a joy to behold.

In a simple old puddle,

More wonders unfold.


When the rain leaves a gift,

Don’t ever walk by.

Take just a moment,

And let logic defy.



The accompanying photograph was provided by Dan over at nofacilities.com. He and Maddie are most generous with the fruits of their walks. Thanks Dan!




I Need a Break

Wildfires are burning,

There are floods and there’s drought,

The pandemic of course,

There is really no doubt.


Hatred is brewing,

Right next to our fear.

Panic is close,

To those we hold dear.


I need some whimsy,

A break from this time.

I need to laugh,

And certainly rhyme!


A silly diversion,

Is needed I think.

A troll and a dragon,

All dressed in pink?


They walk down the street,

With nary thought.

Wearing silly red hats,

That they just had bought.


With that on my mind,

And a smile on my lips,

I know all is good,

With these simple tips.


Prepare for the worst,

And rejoice with the best.

We’re in this together,

And together we’re blessed.


Turtle Eyes

There’s a turtle sitting on my desk,

He staring right at me!

He makes me start to wonder,

Of a life that is carefree.


My little turtle is not real,

He’s made of stone you see.

But he reminds me of the ocean,

And of life there being free.


To race the waves without care,

To play beneath the kelp.

Prey and predator have a place,

They really need no help.


If only we could understand,

The synchronicity of life.

Then perhaps we’d have a chance,

To mend our world of strife.


To live in peace would be the dream.

When all would be as one.

Reach your hand out to another,

And then my work is done.


There’s a turtle sitting on my desk,

He staring right at me!

I think he likes what I have said,

I’m sure he does agree.


Two Bison

Two bison ran me down,

I swear it’s really true.

Walking down the street,

What was I to do?


Minding my own business,

My face towards the sun.

Nothing really on my mind,

But looking for some fun.


The land began to rumble,

And then a growling sound.

Barely seconds passed,

And I was on the ground!


I heard a raucous laughter,

Coming from those beasts!

But I am kissing pavement,

And praying for some priests!


I raised my head a tiny bit,

To see what I could see.

Imagine my surprise,

When there was really three!


Juvenile delinquents,

Racing without a care.

Prepubescent miscreants,

On skateboards for a dare.


I raised my fist in anger,

At the injustice of it all.

I’m too old to ride a board,

But damn, I can recall!



(the image is from hww.ca)


The Unknown Song


There is a song within my heart,

A hymn with many verses.

It is a song I do not know,

but one for sure I will.


The composition is one of praise,

It’s melody so sublime.

It tells of miracles He performs,

And we become the witness.


Each of us has a part to play,

A role with His direction.

Only we can sing His praise,

So, all the world will know.


Miracles are all around us,

Each one with His hand.

So, the tune that we will sing,

Is forever being written.


The song within my heart is His,

It is written just for me.

Each of us has their very own,

Blessed by his own hand.


Deep within I feel the beat,

The rhythm keeping time.

Perhaps one day I’ll know the words,

And sing His praise out loud.



The Symphony of the Storm


I hear a whistling in the trees,

As the branches begin to sway.

As if it were a gentle dance,

The music far away.


Rain begins to pelt the window,

An accompaniment to the trees.

It’s such a gentle, soothing sound,

It puts my mind at ease.


Cymbal’s crash! A crack of light!

The thunder of the drums!

The maelstrom lasts mere seconds!

But fear what next becomes!


And then for just a moment,

The wind decides to pause.

Forbidding clouds begin to part,

A gentle light gives cause.


Breathe a sigh, it’s over now,

The symphony of the storm.

Witness to the grandeur,

When nature does perform.

The Bells are Tolling

I heard the bells start tolling,

They’re calling me to pray.

I hid my head and wept,

I knew not what to say.


I lived my life for pleasure.

I never gave a thought,

Others may have needed me,

But I assisted naught.


Now my head is heavy,

My final rest is near.

Will I be remembered?

As one who was not dear?


I close my eyes and sigh,

I do not know my path.

Death is oh so final,

And I fear the coming wrath.


I hear the bells keep tolling!

The sound has somehow changed.

Peace is all around me now,

Perhaps I’m not estranged.


Please dear Lord forgive me!

I know that I was wrong.

I wish to be beside you,

I wish to hear your song.


“You have been forgiven,

But you must play your part.

Others need to hear my words

Which you must now impart.”


“Once again you’ll live a life

Just as I foretold

Follow now a brand-new path

And miracles you’ll behold!”



The image is from the Internet I just don’t remember from where.

A Tale to Tell

I once had a tale I wanted to tell,

But the words had all gone away.

I did try to plead and then to cajole,

They said they had plans for the day.

Are they not the tools for the use of my whim?

How dare they make their own plans!

Now I am left holding a page with no words,

And what should I do with my hands?

From the corner of my eye, I noticed a word,

It seemed to have been left behind.

Another came forward and then yet another,

It seems that they too were declined.

Persnickety and oxygen are really great words,

But how would that work in a rhyme?

Cacophony is here but a little too loud,

And I’m really not sure there is time.

Perhaps I will rest, away from this world,

And maybe use images instead.

I hope they come back to a place in my mind,

Or maybe I’ll just see what’s ahead.

Support Staff


I would raise my hand in protest,

But that’s really not my style.

I have a beef with all of you,

And it’s taken quite a while!


You give your praise to hands,

That wipe away your tears.

What about us lower down,

The abuse has been for years!


We stand around in 3-inch heels,

We make your legs look great.

But have you ever really thought,

About the bloody weight!


Pantyhose and socks,

All crammed in running shoes.

Then you make us run a race,

Next will be tattoos!


Remove our shackles and let us be,

Think sand between our toes.

Perhaps a walk along a beach,

Your feet would not oppose.


Take a moment and remember us,

And all we do for you.

As you stand and take a bow,

Don’t let our beefs accrue.



My Hands


A wonderful tool,

At the end of my arm.

Such power with fingers,

So easy to charm.


Greetings at a distance

Or waving goodbye

A jab in the shoulder

Just to say HI!


There is giving and taking,

And shaking of course.

A versatile appendage,

When trying to enforce.


It is delicate and fine,

With a nod to its touch.

But strong and resourceful,

When needed to clutch.


A tap on your shoulder,

To show that I care.

A brush on my head,

Just fixing my hair.


I type with my fingers,

At the end of my hands.

I’m reaching to others,

In far distant lands.


We all take for granted,

The tools that we hold.

But then when you need them,

Their value is gold!