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Angel’s Tears

A lonely child by the window sat,

And watched the rain fall down.

Rivulets formed on the glassy panes.

The drops a diamond crown.


A mother tried to soothe her child,

And told a story from long ago.

About an angel lost in heaven,

Who had no where to go.


Hid amongst the clouds so high,

She feared the face of God.

But He knew and He is kind,

He cleared her celestial fog.


“Fear not child, my love is true”,

Came a gentle voice.

”I’ll always be beside you,

If that would be your choice”.


The frightened angel dried her tears.

And took the outstretched hand.

“Forgive me please my dearest Lord,

I did not understand.”


But still sometimes the tears do fall.

It’s a difficult path to keep.

Fear and sorrow overcome,

And then the angels weep.


So next you see a peaceful rain,

Remember well this tale.

Never fear the face of God,

He’ll not let you fail.

Walk With Me

Would you like to walk with me?

The journey maybe long.

Side-by-side together,

Nothing can go wrong.


Put your hand in mine,

As we journey on our way.

Never fear and don’t forget,

The things we see each day.


Sometimes on a journey,

It causes us to part.

Perhaps it’s not an ending,

But just another start.


And then there’s things that happen,

To make us change our tune.

But with the bad there’s always good,

Let’s hope the best is soon.


The journey only lasts so long,

One day it all will end.

Between that time and what’s to come,

Best wishes I will send.


Perhaps in time we’ll meet again,

A friendship never dies.

Until that time, I’ll keep you close,

A smile will be my guise.

Purple Shoes

I’ve loved the life I’ve lived,

And I hope I’ve lived it well.

I hope I’m going to heaven,

And not to live in hell!


I think that I’ve lived fully,

My memories are strong.

The fun I’ve had, the laughter,

I’m sure it wasn’t wrong.


They say I’m getting older,

My red hair’s going blonde.

I do not wish to say goodbye,

To the people I’ve grown fond.


One day the thing will happen,

That starts me on my way.

I’ll go the way directed,

If I really cannot stay.


But in the time that’s left to me,

I wish to do so much,

I’ll go, I’ll see, I’ll experience,

With just a silly touch.


The person that I am right now,

The wicked grin I choose.

Will show to you the truly me,

As I wear my purple shoes!

A Curious Child

A child once sat at her mother’s knee,

And asked that tales be told.

Of God and Jesus and Angels true,

A world she could behold.


A tender age, a tender mind,

She loved the tales of God.

A gentle Father to us all,

A Son who once was flawed.


The tales she heard so long ago,

They stayed within her heart.

And formed the woman she became,

I think she’s pretty smart.


The mother passed on to her rest,

The child grew up to be.

For you know, so long ago,

That curious child was me.



A Slippery Slope

A word said in jest,

Can be misconstrued.

Words said in anger,

Are so over used.


The power exists,

For good or for bad.

The power of speech,

Is more than a fad.


Heroes are made,

By the needs of the few.

Their actions for many,

The usual view.


Who wields the power,

The spoken word holds,

Controls just what happens,

As the future unfolds.


Could you be the one,

Who guides with a word?

Ideals we hold true,

Must never be blurred.

Of My Dreams

The age of Heroes has gone by,

The shining armour’s tarnished.

Dragons are nowhere to be found,

And the Damsel is a Duke.


Values weak and morals loose,

Vulgarity becomes the norm.

People fight over silly names,

And kill for a pair of shoes.


Now just sit back and take in stock,

Of frightening pictures painted.

We can escape to distant fires,

A place to live again.


Where grass is green and never smoked,

Where men are strong and women true.

This is a place to rest your brow,

This valley of my dreams.

Our Baggage

What do you carry,

In the baggage you hold?

How tight do your keep

Your grip?


Do you shuffle and fold,

And occasionally toss,

The items you carry,

Each day?


Are they heavy and cold

Or cheerful and light?

Do you keep

Under lock and key?


Do you share what you have

With those you hold dear?

Or hide them away



Perhaps it is time

To reveal what you have,

To lighten the burden

You hold.


Each of us owns

Some baggage we hide,

So don’t be afraid

To unpack.

Nature Intended

What nature intended,

Man pulled asunder.

We travel through life,

As lightning and thunder.


With a flash and a roar,

Demands we will make.

But never a thought,

For the actions we take.


We kill and enslave,

Without any care.

For the lives of the others,

So desperate they dare.


Animals and people,

No difference it makes.

When wants and desires,

Is all that it takes.


If we want to live on,

Our species to thrive.

We need to believe,

That we all must now strive.


What nature intended,

Man looked on in awe.

Understanding then hit,

We are the flaw.






On the Wall

A fly on the wall,

We’d all like to be.

A different perspective,

On the world we would see.


No one would know,

That we were so near.

Gathering gossip,

On those we hold dear.


Our size makes it easy,

To wander about.

Close and then far,

Even inside and out.


There’s only one problem,

I can see from this blotter.

Wielded with accuracy,

The dreaded fly swatter!




Last Call

Weird is a word,

In a wacky old way.

Whimsy is fun,

But not every day.


Laugh when it tickles,

And let yourself be.

Take flight with your fancy,

There’s so much to see.


No planes and no boats,

No trains hurtling far.

The wings of your mind,

Go beyond with no car.


I want to go crazy,

Be the person I am.

I’ll see it and do it,

Into living I’ll cram.


Never be sorry,

For living it all.

Cuz one day it comes,

The final last call.