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A child sleeps softly

Her dreams intact

Tragedy and fear

Just a whisper away.


But darkness embraces

This small little soul

It hides her, protects her

Keeps monsters away.


Too soon there is dawn

And the new light of day

The sleeping child wakes

To a world far away.


We owe this young one

A life of her own

Filled with the wonders

Not far away


We work and we pray

Please Lord make it so

A beautiful new world

Please show us the way


Ripples on the Water



Ripples on the water

Can take us on journey

That is different every time

From a gentle waltz

Crossing a lake

To a sailboat

Making waves

The water caresses

And moves along

Its destination unclear

We fight for control

Bend it to our will

And perhaps

For a moment

It acquiesces

Only for a moment

The water can be angry

Crashing ashore

Sinking our boats

We thought we

Were in control

The hubris

We are not

It moves us

It entertains us

It gives us life

And it takes that life away

Ripples on the water

Gentle and safe

For now

Looking Back

We are all in a room

Our heads bent in prayer

Giving our thanks

For the things that we share


God is our focus

His works and his word

Depths of His meaning

And all we have heard


We get strength from each other

In this place where we are

Every day, every way

We are travelling far


We wander His words

And learn all His teaching

The roads we are taking

Are because of His preaching


My Lord is my Shepard

I shall never lack

For His sake alone

I’ll never look back



Give Me Strength


Lord give me strength

Don’t leave me alone

I’m waiting for signs

I’m right by the phone.


I think I am good

I do as I’m told

That bit with the baker

Just means I’m not old.


I know what you think

I should not have said

But seriously Lord

I just wanted bread.


Not one of the 10

Have I seriously broken

But in moments of stress

Number three have I spoken.


One is intact and 5 is a given

I try number 4 each Sunday I do

But sleep is the devil

If only you knew.


My Lord is my Saviour

He waits by my side

When shopping for shoes

I swear He does hide!


Each morning and night

I kneel down in prayer

I say all the words

You taught me to share.


But now is the time

Dear Lord that I ask

Forgiveness in truth

For a despicable task.


My last nerve did he break

And I killed without thought

That mosquito is dead

Your words I forgot.


Stop laughing Dear Lord

There’s a mess on my floor

Your mask it is slipping

And I think that you swore!

I survived


I survived

The day before

Nasty creatures

At my door


I survived

The candy crush

Anxious kids

In all a rush


I survived

That crazy day

The scary night

Has gone away


I survived

Until next year

When once again

I’m filled with fear


I survived

I ask what for

Those silly kids

Are at my door


I survived

I have a place

Halloween night’s

A state of grace

Lost to the Heart?

A lost toy is

So very sad.

Alone in an airport.

Forgotten, mislaid

Stepped on,


What memories


Stuffed deep inside

By chubby wee fingers.

Clutched close to the chest,

Desperate, concerned.

One’s deepest felt fears,

And secrets imparted.

For that silent companion

Tears bursting forth.

A heart has been broken.

But perhaps it is two:

The soul of a child,

And the soul of a toy.

Stuffing and buttons

Sewn by another.

Inanimate they say,

But then ask a child.

No companion so close,

So dear to the heart,

As that one forever

Wrapped around


Love is a state

Where toys

Never die.

The Question


I don’t know the question

But answers are all around

Everyone knows for sure

Absolutely this is true


I heard it from a cousin

Who’s nephew has friend

That is dating the individual

That it really happen to


Never mind the question

It isn’t quite germane

After all, the gossip

Is so much fun to hear


I’m sure there is a question

But it’s importance is in doubt

Answers aren’t enough you see

If the question is too dear

Are You an Advocate?


Do you live the truth

And not the lies

A life of hope

By one who tries?


Do you speak His word

With joy and love

Followed close

By those above?


Do you live

To be the one

Who shows by living

The way it’s done?


Do you know

With all your heart

This way is right

To be a part?


An advocate

Is what you are

Be proud to be

That rising star.


Live His word

And walk His path

Then never fear

To feel His wrath.



Hello! She said

Her smile intact

The world

A beautiful place.

No one answered

They turned away


All around.

Hello! She said

A hopeful grin

Trying to stay


A single child

Stopped and looked

Shy and tentative

He was.

Hello. She said

Her smile had dimmed

Wistful and


Hello? He asked

Unsure, afraid

Was anyone there

To hear.

Hello! She laughed

All was well

A single light

Broke forth.

Hello!! She shouted

The world to hear

A single voice

Did conquer!



ink sketch

I cannot remember

The things I have said,

The act of remembering

It feels me with dread!


I remember the past

As if I was there.

But what I’ve just eaten?

It’s really unfair!

People I’ve known,

For short or for long,

The names that they have

I’m afraid that they’re gone!


I want to remember,

I’m afraid to forget,

I feel I am losing,

Now that is a threat!


Time passes on

For thee and for me,

I’ll live in the moment

Until I am free!