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A Luddite Wanna Be?


For years that has been what I have been claiming.  I may need to rethink that statement.  Perhaps a little context . . .

Luddites were a loosely based organization of English textile workers in the 19th century who protested against the use of machines.  They were afraid of losing their jobs.  Sound familiar? Protests turned violent, property and people were destroyed.

As so often happens, the movement was co-opted decades later to serve another purpose.  People have used it as a rallying cry against all technology.  It is this cry that forecasts the evils of technology and the demise of modern society.  I beg to differ.

We live longer than we did in the 1800’s. We have cured diseases that once decimated entire communities. We have explored our world and beyond.  Life is good.  Or it could be.  We have unleashed rampart greed and cynicism.  We have generations of lazy users who only want more and someone else to pay for it.  People are dying from diseases we have cured simply because of apathy and avarice.

We are all connected because of technology but that same connectivity is forcing an isolation on us.  We would rather speak into a box than talk openly to a real person. We have lost so much.  Cyber-crimes are common place and picnics are not. The only place you seem to find a large group of people talking to each other is in protests which far too often turn violent.

I remember the days when I would go camping in the wilderness. There was no shower, no bathroom, no convenience store nearby. If you were cold, light a fire. If you wanted light, light a fire. If you were hungry, you guessed it, light a fire. There were no cell phones or Wi-Fi or big screen TVs. We carried snake bite kit’s, just in case. We did have battery operated flashlights for those midnight jaunts to relieve one’s bladder. You did not want to squat down without first checking that there was no poison oak nearby or a hungry rattlesnake out for snack. Yes, it was that kind of camping. And I loved it.

I also love flush toilets and heating and air conditioning and my computer. Well, I loved being in circumstances with no technology but I also recognized that I cannot live that way anymore. I need technology. But it also frightens me. We rely so much on it that we don’t think anymore. A quip I wrote a few years ago: “Kids today don’t have to think, there’s an app for that.” In some ways is not really that funny, it’s true.

I live in a technologically savvy world. I’m not savvy but I do require the technology. I will live with it but I will not forget that it is a tool. Tools need to be used responsibly and then put away. The real world is just outside your front door. No, I do not want to be a Luddite. However . . .

If You Were a Sign


If you were a sign

what would you say?

This place is open

and ready to play?


If you were a note

Then what would be written?

I think I’m in love,

I’m sure I am smitten?


If you were the sky

Would you be a cloud?

With hard hitting rain

And fog like a shroud?


Or would you be sunshine

With beams full of hope?

Gathering smiles

For people to cope?


Would your sign say hello

With welcoming arms?

A fist full of dollars

And a head full of charms?


We all wear a sign

For others to see?

Let yours be so bright

The world fills with glee!

My Own Song


I’m singing my own song

And I’m writing it too

Sometimes I’m brilliant

And sometimes it’s poo


I don’t care for noise

But the sound of a song

Country, pop or jazz

It just can’t be wrong


Classical notes form

A bridge for the ear

All other music

Began I think here


The song I am writing

Is dear to my heart

It helps me to focus

And where next to start


My past in a word

It simply was great

Love and adventure

Full was my slate


My song is not finished

I have years still to write

Experiences to live

The future is bright!



Welcome! Come in!

Please stay for a while

Join us in fellowship here.


Sit back and relax

As I tell you a tale

A story from so long ago.


A child once was born

Of humble beginnings

In time the babe was a boy.


Laughing and crying

And skinned knees I am sure

Then one day He stood as a man.


The times they were hard

And the people were cruel

But our Hero spoke only with love.


He wandered the hills

Sharing his message

He asked only that we believe.


Some trusted His word

And followed His path

But others knew only fear.


Today we say grace

And honour the man

Sharing as He taught us to do.


Welcome! Come in!

Please stay for a while

Join us in fellowship here.

I Am So Offended!


What you ask has gotten me in such a state? The answer: people who take offence for a perceived insult.   A song written in 1944, that won an Oscar for best original song in 1949 and was popular in the 50s and 60s, offended someone more than 70 years later. So now it is an evil song about rape. Well that is one way to get into the spotlight.

Breaking News!! It was a different time. I am quite sure the writer did not consider it a rape song. Neither did I, I still don’t. What about the beloved Muppets being gay? First of all, who cares? These beloved characters were written to encourage children, not to coerce them to engage in sex. What is it about them that makes you want to label them? They are best friend!

Do you remember the year some Christmas Songs were re-interpreted? Some were considered homophobic, some anti-feminist and some just mean. Seriously people they are songs. Some were written many years ago. There was no evil agenda.

And then there are the children’s stories. Sleeping Beauty is about rape!!! Cinderella is a stereotype. Beauty and the Beast . . . well. Why do people insist on looking for the bad, the evil, the vile. You can twist anything if you try hard enough. I prefer to see the good, the wondrous, the hope that is in each of these stories. Am I turning a blind eye? Yes, I am. I prefer not to give the evil people of the world my time.

A woman is incensed because a 6 year old boy gave her 6 year old daughter a hug and a kiss in the school playground surrounded by 30 or 40 people. It was a innocent moment of affection between two CHILDREN. Nope, the mother said it was sexual assault and wanted the little boy removed from the school. Shame. Shame on that mother for making assumptions based on her hang-ups. What did those children learn?

People are constantly judging others negatively based on their own inadequacies. What are they trying to do? Does homophobia exist? Of course it does! Is it wrong? YES!!! Anti-feminism exists, sexual discrimination, racial prejudice exists. And so many more ways we discriminate against others and try to subjugate them. It is an evil world. But there is hope. Every year we as a people get a little smarter, a little more accepting. One day maybe we will truly be ONE people. I wonder what the perception of us will be in 70 years.

In the meantime, let the kids be kids and stop trying to pollute the playground.