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I do not like practical jokes. . .


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I do not like practical jokes. Don’t get me wrong I can admire a good practical joke but too many of the ones that people think are funny, aren’t. The victim is often made to feel stupid and I don’t find that funny. I have been the recipient of a few practical jokes that didn’t make me laugh. However . . .

Many years ago I was part of a Boy Scout troop at the Rover level (16+) when the troop is allowed to go co-ed. Myself and two other females joined with our male counterparts. We had known them for years. One summer we planned to go on a weeklong canoe trip. We decided that we should ask the Girl Guides join us. Unfortunately most of them were not as experienced in canoeing as we were. As we were going to be out in the actual wild wilderness we thought we should have a training weekend. And that is where the fun began.

Usually the first night at our campsite we would indulge in a big bowl of chilli. It would sit and bubble through most of the day. The smell was tantalizing. The rest of us would go about our business making sure the newbies knew how to light a fire and all the other skills that are necessary when you were nowhere near civilization. Two of us spent a great deal of time that day collecting flies. You heard me. I had a little glass jar that I used to collect the dead insects. I made sure most of the newbies saw us going around looking for flies, swatting them and putting them in my jar. A few asked me what I was doing and I explained that they were seasoning. I got quite a few odd looks but I never explained further.

The next step. A few minutes before we were about to eat I lifted the lid to the pot and with absolutely no fanfare tossed the contents of my little glass jar into the chilli. I made sure I was seen. Hee hee hee.

Those that had been around for a while knew exactly what I had just done and proceeded to offer up their bowls for a scoop of chilli. The newbies looked on in horror as we enjoyed our repast! The seasoning was perfect.

We didn’t let them stew for long. Before I had left home I had filled up an identical jar with spices that would taste good in a chilli. The contents from the good jar got tossed in not the flies. But for a few minutes they didn’t know that!

The evening ended on a high note with all suitably sated by the exquisite chilli served under a canopy of stars with good friends. Another one to remember!