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21 Days and counting . . .


When I sit down to write a post I usually have a list of subjects in front of me. When an idea lands in my brain I quickly try to write it down so I won’t forget it. This week was no exception. I had lots of ideas, unfortunately.

I was going to write about Urban Wildlife. The wild animals I see when I’m out for a walk is amazing. I have seen squirrels, chipmunks, Geese, Bitterns, Ducks, Rabbits, Coyotes, raccoons, deer, muskrat (I think) and of course the ever popular teenager.

Then I was going to write about 21 Days. That’s it that’s all I had: 21 Days. I thought about taking over a country in 21 days. Way too messy. Lose weight in 21 days. Nah, too much like work. I just couldn’t get a handle on this phrase. So I decided to plug it into Google to see what it had to say. Yep, there’s a whole website devoted to changing your life in 21 days. Okay, it’s been done.

Then a friend said I should write about the origins of Pratology. I promised to give her a shout out, so Rebecca this one’s for you! What you ask is pratology? Well we were being silly and thought this was a made up a word about talking or prattling on as we sometimes do. However I decided I needed to do a little research and plugged the word into Google. Yep, you got it: already in use! There is a Facebook page of someone, perhaps in Spain. I think it is his name! There is a jazz song using the word. Pratology by Robert Burke is actually quite good! I also found a blog post from 2008 called Pratology. Ok moving on.

Sometimes it seems as if there is no more originality in the world. Movies all tend to be sequels and remakes. Songs are fighting over who came up with the notes first. Everything has become too much the same as something before. Are we becoming too complacent? Are we too set in our ways for original thought?

I strongly believe that originality, an original thought is simply a synapsis connection away. Each one of us is an individual and that makes us unique. We live in a world where too much is pre-packaged for us. We accept it because it makes our lives easier. But what do we lose in the meantime. Human beings are not yet prepackaged. We are not programmed. We have the ability to choose, to direct our lives. We just have to actually do it.