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I Am Confused

Now for anyone that reads my blog regularly this is not an unusual statement. I’m often confused. But it is through that confusion I use words to try and understand. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. What has me bamboozled this time?   People.

I hear people complaining that the police aren’t doing enough. And then one police department comes up with an ingenious idea to catch people when they are texting while they drive. An officer rides the city bus and is able to look down into cars as he drives by. He then calls in the vehicle information. Gotcha! I think that is ingenious. People have become quite inventive at hiding their illegal activities.   No, it is probably not stopping a murder or a sexual assault or even a terrorism attack but way too many people die from distracted driving.

No why would anyone be angry at the police for finding individuals committing an illegal activity? In one town the police tried to put up cameras at intersections to catch speeders. The uproar was incredible. Again, why? What are people doing that they don’t want others to know about? I have no issue with Big Brother watching me. If they can catch people doing illegal activities that put me at risk, I’m all for it. Watch away!

Nowadays everyone has a camera phone and way too many people like to take pictures of other people. Their concern is not the legality or even the morality of their picture. Rather it’s the YouTube value. That is so sad. Ever since the introduction of the Internet our sense of privacy has diminished significantly. There are cameras everywhere and most of them aren’t overseen by anyone or any laws.   Well, laws that can be enforced.

In England, especially London, there are cameras everywhere controlled by the police. It is just amazing to watch how they can actually backtrack a criminal to his residence perhaps. Is it a perfect solution? Absolutely not! But as the criminal world becomes more inventive and as more supposedly law-abiding citizens try to circumvent the laws, perhaps that’s what we need.

Inside my apartment I have an expectation of privacy. Yes that camera on my computer does give me pause but I have the option to turn it off. When I’m on the street I’m in the public domain and while those that are charged with protecting me are not allowed to have all the tools at their fingertips, they do have some. I am also aware that any individual has the capability to film me without my knowing about it. That too gives me pause.   Unfortunately I have no control over that. Just something to think about the next time you are in the public domain.


A house in the forest


There’s a house in the forest

That’s hidden from view.

Wait I can see it!

I can see, can’t you?

Behind the closed door

Are secrets untold.

Do you want to go see?

Let’s dare to be bold!

The secrets for telling,

The fun we could gain!

But other’s distress,

In some cases pain.

I think we should stop,

It’s the right thing to do.

The house in the forest

Stays hidden from view.