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Purple Shoes

Nov 19 2013 008

I’ve loved the life I’ve lived

and I hope I’ve lived it well

I hope I’m going to heaven

and not to live in hell

I think that I’ve lived fully

my memories are strong

the fun I’ve had, the laughter

I’m sure it wasn’t wrong

They say I’m getting older

my red hair’s going blonde

I do not wish to say goodbye

to the people I’ve grown fond

One day the thing will happen

that starts me on my way

I’ll go the way directed

If I really cannot stay

But in the time that’s left to me

I wish to do so much

I’ll go, I’ll see, I’ll experience

with just a silly touch

The person that I am right now

the wicked grin I choose

will show to you the truly me

as I wear my purple shoes

 Nov 19 2013 009